About Me

I’m Lucy, loving living in the city of Bristol, having swapped a bohemian area of the city with loads of great places to eat and drink, for a nappy valley ‘burb where everything is just a little bit generic, all in the name of giving my children a good school to go to! My blog started as a journal that I kept for two years, starting when I had my first baby in 2012, where I would jot down basically things I didn’t think I could say out loud, things I found hilarious, and my thoughts while I struggled with my world and my body turning into something I no longer recognised…!

Two years, another child, and my remaining brain cells about to fall out through my nose later, the journal became the blog. Hopefully you will laugh along with me, and sympathise with some of the situations I find myself in, and read with your tongue firmly in your cheek! A lot of the posts are a mixture of parody from what I over hear from other parents, mixed with some real life experiences, and designed to make you chuckle! Nothing should be taken too seriously (apart from the serious posts thrown in.)

So back to the children-there are still two, and that will probably be it! They are very different, the eldest is a quiet Deep Thinker, and the youngest is a lively Mini Assassin. In a previous life I enjoyed running, dancing, drinking (out, in bars, with other people,) comedy shows and travelling. Now I mainly have an antisocial addiction to Netflix, and can be found drinking wine still, but this time in, on my own or with my husband!