The Big Pink Link Week 11

#bigpinklink WEEK 11!


Welcome back to #bigpinklink, this week celebrating week 11! I’ve had my most sociable week in ages, catching up with people I haven’t seen in a long time, and a brilliant surprise party for my lovely dad! Great family times, and he didn’t have any adverse reactions from the shock, which had been my biggest fear…!

Anyway, on to featured posts! My first featured post from last week comes from the lovely Cheryl, at Tea Or Wine, with her post  ‘What to do when you don’t get your choice of primary school.’ Although I don’t have to face this yet, I’ve encountered countless friends and neighbours who have. This post outlines the practical steps you can take, but also covers the emotional impact this can have on the family too.

My second post comes from A Shoebox Full Of Memories with the brilliant ‘In Defence Of Childish Things.’ A wonderful look at how we can be scornful of supposed ‘childish’ hobbies and behaviours, when being an adult isn’t always that fun anyway! I absolutely loved it!

Lou’s two favourites were from Sarah and Louise, with ‘Don’t Lick The Car.’ I’m sure you’ll guess from the title, that it’s hilarious! Her second was from Sugar And Spice And All Things Spliced, with her post ‘Missing The Breast Feeding Gene?’ A very emotional read. Please check out these fabulous bloggers, and share the blogger love!

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Soooo, get your link on, let’s see what you’ve got! I’m linking this week with ‘Being Scouted,’ I know, soooo exciting….!!

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