The Big Pink Link Week 18

#bigpinklink week 18!

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Welcome back big pink linkers, I missed you all last week! Although I was in Pembrokeshire on holiday, and actually had a really good time…! you can read all about it in my post!

Apart from a 4.30 am start on the first morning when the children woke each other up and refused to go back to sleep, it was otherwise really good fun!

On to featured posts! The first of El’s this week comes from the absolute legend Tilly, from Mummy Rules,  with the post ‘Parenting: The ten jobs you didn’t know you qualified for.’ El said ‘Tilly had me in stitches as she drew up a very very funny list of occupations parents would be qualified for – from a barmaid to professional singer!’ El’s second post comes from Discombobulated with ‘Kerboom cake.’ El said ‘ Everyone knows that I love Cake and I absolutely adored this particular Cake creation – it was literally Kerboom! It was interesting to see how the whole Volcano Cake was put together.’ Have a look-it’s one awesome cake!!

Lou has chosen 3 posts this week-she said that the standard was so high! Her first post comes from Just Saying Mum with ‘Darling, it’s your time now.’ Lou said ‘I loved this post by Just Saying Mum, because it made my heart ache a little as I can really imagine myself getting to this point, although it feels a long way off at the moment.’ It really is a heart wrencher. Her second post comes from Queen Of My Castle with ‘What you need to know if you’re raising boys.’ Lou says ‘This post by Queen of My Castle had me saying ‘yes!’ to every point and howling with laughter. A must read if you have a son!’ I have 2, and I was nodding along too! Lou’s third post, which she thought really required a special mention, comes from the ever amazing Laura from Five Little Doves with ‘SANDS awareness month 2016.’ Lou said ‘I cried reading this. Really sobbed. Buckets. This post will rip at your heart strings but I think it’s vital that you read. I had no idea that so many people faced this every week and it’s just awful.’ I too sobbed when I read it, this really is something that should be read.


I’m linking this week with ‘Bluestone and beautiful Pembrokeshire,’ So get your link on, let’s see what you’ve got!

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