The Big Pink Link Week 28

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Welcome back big pink linkers, welcome back for week 28 of linking fun!

I’ve had a real mixed bag this week, of a touch of illness (me, not the littles,) them being terrors and driving me to the edge of my sanity, and them also being a little on the right side of lovely. Jekyll and Hyde these children!

Right, on to WOWS of the week! The first of mine comes from Tammymum with ‘Socially unacceptable parenting?’  I loved this one because it talked about all the things we do as parents that are frowned upon by society. But these things are all what makes us normal, and human. Making them socially unacceptable only invokes a sense of failure in us, and these thoughts and feelings should be made to be ok. A great read.

My second WOW comes from Run Jump Scrap with ‘Those first few moments…’ I loved this one by Sarah from Run Jump Scrap because she spoke very honestly of not feeling a bond with her first baby immediately. This is something I feel should be more widely spoken about, and is something that can have a profound affect on a new mum.

The first of Hannah’s WOWS comes from Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced with ‘The secret sisterhood of the awesome mothers.’ Hannah said: ‘I couldn’t help but smile through this post from Nicola, her list of benefits from becoming a member of The Secret Sisterhood of Awesome Mothers rang so true with me and also reminded me of some of the wonderful things motherhood has bought me.’

Her second WOW comes from The Mum Reviews, with ‘Why it’s hard being a mum who grew up without one.’ Hannah said: ‘This post from The Mum Reviews really got me thinking about how incredibly hard it must be to be a Mum who grew up without one. I am lucky enough to not be in this situation but naively I hadn’t thought of anyone who might be before reading this. It really pulled on my heart strings and I think this post will be a very helpful to other women with the same experience.’

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