The Big Pink Link Week 33!

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Welcome back big pink linkers, welcome back for week 33 of linking fun!

Sooo, we have another announcement here at #bigpinklink HQ: Hannah from The Diary of An Ordinary Mum, will be joining us full time!! We are all finding it so hard to give all of the brilliant posts linked here, the time they deserve, while maintaining our own blogs. We are all taking on other projects now too, and we want to give our best to our new projects, and to you guys! We will be operating on a two weeks on, two weeks off basis. Rules will be the same, just tag all four of us (@ThisMumsLife, @HannahG, @pinkpearbear, @agentspitback) with your links, then nobody will get confused! There will still only be two host posts to comment on, if the other hosts link, but aren’t marked with HOST, there will be no obligation to comment, unless you are the linker behind them, or you want to!

Sooooo, WOWS from last week! The first of Hannah’s came from Upside Mum with ‘What about us?’ Hannah said: ‘I loved this beautifully honest post from Upside Mum, I really related to everything she was saying about how the relationship between her and her hubby has changed since becoming parents.’

The second of Hannah’s comes from One Messy Mama with ‘My kids say the darnedest things!’ Hannah said: ‘This hilarious post from One Messy Mama had me chuckling from start to finish with her list of funny things her children have said. Its made me excited to hear the funny things I’m sure my girls will start to come out with soon.’

The first of Lou’s WOWS comes from the legendary Mummy Rules with ‘How did I become a mum cliché?!’ Lou said: ‘Tilly’s post about becoming a Mum cliche had me laughing and nodding all the way through. She’s hit the nail on the head when describing, I’m pretty sure, every Mum out there!!’

The second of Lou’s comes from Beastly Boys with ‘The mums’ night out: when you’re so over the hill you can’t even see the hill anymore.’ Lou said: ‘My second choice, from Beastly Boys, was all about the Mum’s night out. It was so tragically spot on and had me howling throughout! This is basically me on every night out!’

Help yourselves to a featured post badge guys!

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  1. September 26, 2016 / 1:45 pm

    Thanks for hosting hun!