The Big Pink Link Week 38!

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcome back!

For non bloggers, the Big Pink Link is a place where other bloggers come to link up posts of there’s, and like a big blog share, everybody has a read of each other’s posts. If you aren’t a blogger, you can either read some of the posts here, and you may find a new blog you love, or you can just move on to another non link related post!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Right, now there are four of us hosting, there are a lot of tweet reminders going out about joining in with #bigpinklink every week. So, we will now be emailing reminders each week, and you will only receive ONE email, from El. And only the hosts who are hosting that week, will retweet you. This is saving everyone and their timelines, from a whoooooooooooole load of spam. The new rules state that if you join the linky, you consent to be emailed each week with a reminder. If you DO NOT want one, please let one of us know, so that we can remove you from the list!

Sooooo, WOWS from last week! The first of Hannah’s comes from Burnished Chaos with ‘Words to live by #4: Be curious.’ Hannah said: ‘ I’ve been really enjoying the ‘Words to Live By’ series from Alana, her words ‘Be Curious’ really inspired me to enjoy some wonderful adventures with my girls this week and to look at the world in a more inquisitive way.’

The second of Hannah’s comes from Messes And Memories with ‘Creating a peaceful tone in your home.’ Hannah said: ‘This one from Jessica was another lovely post with some wonderful suggestions on how to create a calm and positive home, I’m definitely going to attempt a few of these tips.’

The first of my WOWS comes from Fancy Paper with ‘What Katy Did: Tributing those childhood reads who made me who I am.’ This was a brilliant trip down literary memory lane, and I had a brilliant reminisce about favourite childhood books and dreams!

The second of mine comes from Tooting Mama with ‘My 11 truths about adoption.’  I love the complete honesty about what it’s like to adopt children, and this made for a very interesting and eye opening read.

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