The Big Pink Link Week 52!

Hello bigpinklinkers!

Howdy y’all, welcome back for week 52 of linking fun!

For non bloggers, the Big Pink Link is a place where other bloggers come to link up posts of theirs, and like a big blog share, everybody has a read of each other’s posts. If you aren’t a blogger, you can either read some of the posts here, and you may find a new blog you love, or you can just move on to another non link related post!

Right, the amazing WOWS from last week! The first of El’s comes from Tooting Mama with ‘Everything you need to know about adoption and the lasting effects of neglect.’ El said: ‘I really enjoyed this informative and powerful post from Tooting Mama who shared information on the effects of neglect on children growing up in institultionalised care, or before adoption. It was a real eye opener for me.’

The second of El’s comes from Mom Of Two Little Girls with ‘Man up, princess.’ El said: ‘This was a thought provoking post as it made me think of how much I take for granted seemingly everyday phrases that I use. She uses the phrases “man up, Princess” as an example of the implied assumption that “only men are tough or strong, whilst by contrast women aren’t, is slightly irritating.’

The first of Hannah’s comes from So Happy In Town with ‘Children should be happy, but some of them aren’t.’ Hannah said: ‘This post from Susie, So Happy In Town is a really heart felt and honest post about a subject that is particularly close to my heart. Children’s mental health is something that is not always talked about or known about but really must be.’

The second of Hannah’s comes from Mum’s Army with ‘Are you a subconscious mum?’ Hannah said: ‘ This one from Mums’ Army had be giggling and nodding from start to finish, I don’t want to give much away but with words like fart fear you know this is going to be the light hearted post you need to read this week.’

Your hosts for this week are Hannah @TheOrdinaryMum and Lou @pinkpearbear

This Mum's Life
This Mum's Life

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