The Big Pink Link Week 66!

Hello bigpinklinkers!

Howdy y’all, welcome back for week 66 of linking fun!

For non bloggers, the Big Pink Link is a place where other bloggers come to link up posts of theirs, and like a big blog share, everybody has a read of each other’s posts. If you aren’t a blogger, you can either read some of the posts here, and you may find a new blog you love, or you can just move on to another non link related post!

After a few line up reshuffles, we are so pleased to announce that our new hosting line up is finalised, and there will now be five of us working on rotation! You will have myself, Lou, and Hannah, but we are also welcoming two new, permanent hosts: The fabulous Gemma, from Life Is Knutts and the equally fabulous Laura, from Five Little Doves! Can I get a whoop whoop!!

Also, to avoid confusion, as I have been on holiday for the last two weeks, and unfortunately struck down by some hideous bug when I got back, I am linking a guest post that I did for the fabulous The Stented Papa, as my host post for this week.

Your hosts for this week are Gemma @lifeisknutts and myself @ThisMumsLife

WOWS from last week: The first of Kirsty’s came from Tooting Mama with ‘Feel fabulous: Learning to accept my imperfections.’ Kirsty said: ‘I loved this post by Tooting Mama. I think whatever our shape or body type we all have insecurities, things we would change. Whilst I think it is relatively healthy to want to better yourself with diet and exercise I refuse to allow the media dictate the ‘perfect ’body shape. This has become an even bigger concern for me now I have two daughters. The women discussed in this post really are inspirational.’

Kirsty’s second comes from Tea Or Wine with ‘Why most kids struggle with starting school.’ Kirsty said: ‘This post by Cheryl of Tea or Wine really struck a cord with me. Ellie starts school this year and whilst she hasn’t displayed any real adverse behaviour I know she is anxious about it. Taking a step back and thinking about why school is scary for the kids as well as us parents is so important.’

The first of Lou’s WOWS comes from Postcards For Findlay with ‘Why I’ll never have a family portrait.’ Lou said: ‘My first WOW is for Postcards from Findlay with an absolutely heartbreaking story. Their beautiful photos will always be missing one person.’

Lou’s second comes from Burnished Chaos with ‘5 reasons why naptime isn’t the end of the world.’ Lou said: ‘My second WOW is from Burnished Chaos finding the positives in the end of precious precious nap time. It’s not all bad folks!’

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