The Big Pink Link Week 72

Hello bigpinklinkers!

Howdy y’all, welcome back for week 72 of linking fun!

For non bloggers, the Big Pink Link is a place where other bloggers come to link up posts of theirs, and like a big blog share, everybody has a read of each other’s posts. If you aren’t a blogger, you can either read some of the posts here, and you may find a new blog you love, or you can just move on to another non link related post!

I know a couple of weeks ago we presented you with shiny new badges, but they went tits up for some reason and stopped working…! So please bear with me and my technical douchebaggery, until I’ve worked out how to make them work again!

Your brilliant WOWS from last week! The first of mine came from Popcorn For Lunch with ‘Dear England… A Guide To People From Northern Ireland.’  I loved this tongue in cheek, hilarious guide to people from Northern Ireland, by someone from Northern Ireland…! Read on for a chuckle!

My second comes from Muffin Top Mummy with ‘I accidentally booked a holiday, sans enfant.’ Yep, the title says it all-she has accindentally booked a holiday away minus her child! I’m actually in full on envy mode if I’m totally honest…!

The first of Gemma’s comes from R Is For Hoppit with ‘Beauty and the what kind of moral is that?’ Gemma said: ‘My first wow is this one by the master of sarcasm and observation, R is for Hoppit. I couldn’t help but laugh my head off at this post about the questionable morals behind the Disney favourite, Beauty and the Beast. The more you think about it, the more warped these Disney plots are! Awesome as ever Silly Mummy!’

Gemma’s second comes from It’s A Drama with ‘It’s not fair. That’s right kid. It ain’t.’ Gemma said: ‘This post, about things ‘not being fair’ had my laughing, feeling sad and nodding in agreement the whole way through. That sentence passes my kids lips on a very regular basis, and it’s bloody annoying. Here, one mum quite rightly makes her own list of ‘things that aren’t fair’. I’ve got plenty I could add too. A really brilliant post.’

Your hosts for this week are Hannah @HannahJane_UK and myself @ThisMumsLife


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