Why Does PCOS Always Feel Like A Battlefield: Struggles I’ve Had This Week

Ok, so this week has been a bit up and down… The good news is, I have lost 2lbs-YAY!! Which takes my total amount up to 10lbs. And 2lbs a week was what I was aiming for anyway. The down side is, I kind of feel like I’m killing myself to do it, but that’s also the frustrating reality of PCOS and insulin resistance.

By the end of this week, I will have done 4 spin classes, 1 Sh’Bam class, 1 combat class, and 2 circuits classes. I’ve also not touched any of the foods that are on my ‘avoid’ list, and just had 1 gin and tonic after a God awful day yesterday…. As yet, although I feel stronger, my head feels clearer, I’ve been having fewer afternoon ‘if I don’t sleep I might actually die’ feelings (which used to happen every day to me, without fail, regardless of how much sleep I’d had the night before,) I can’t actually see any physical differences yet, but I seem to be hurting, all over my body, at all times. And it’s annoying me quite a bit.

(Seeeeeeeeeriously, those seats…. It’s like a vajayjay massacre…!)

I also had the classic (but definitely unintentional on the part of the person who said it,) ‘but I don’t understand why it’s not falling off. If it were me, I’d have dropped stones by now.’ It’s just one of the ways insulin resistance likes to kick you in the teeth unfortunately.

There was also a bad day where I broke my own rule (again!) of not googling shit, and spent a large part of a day googling shit-and driving myself into a right old panic. I read some blogs and sites dedicated to insulin resistance, and of course, ended up with conflicting information. It ended with my husband coming home from work, and me almost sobbing ‘carrots and peas! I’m not supposed to be bloody eating them! Carrots and fucking peas, how can they possibly reverse all the work I’ve done??’ And my husband telling me I needed to get a grip, and that carrots were not going to jump out of the fridge and kill me.

Another site I found said that basically lentils were the work of the devil for insulin resistance, and even linked to a piece of research that alleged that they were really bad for you. My husband is right, I do need to get a grip-I’ve written a dissertation, and I’ve worked in a job where I’ve had to analyse research in order to identify the wheat from the chaff-it all needs careful analysing, and a lot of it can be proved to be bullshit. Blogs, like this one, are also opinion. Some of the stuff I read was based purely on opinion, and what had worked for that person. Although what I write about in this section of my blog is based on science as much as I can possibly research properly, some of it will be opinion, and will not work for others.

So I calmed down a bit, and looked at the Diabetes UK  site, which is where I should’ve gone first, because of course, it only contains actual solid evidence based answers. So, some of the veg I’m eating should be limited-Beetroot (I was aware of this already) parsnips, peas, sweet potato and sweetcorn and butternut squash should all be limited. That means that some of the meals that are on my Fab list, need to be modified-anything that has spiralised butternut squash (squashetti) I’ll now need to make courgetti instead. Note: carrots weren’t mentioned, but I’m going to eliminate them anyway, just to be sure…!

Apparently, the jury is still out on lentils (not the food of the devil then!) and they can affect some people, but not others. The advice from Diabetes UK is to have a very small handful, if you’re going to have them. So, the prawn lentil curry that we love, will have to be changed, as it’s just curried lentils with prawns-waaaay too many lentils.

So here is a modified list of what I’ve cut out, and next week I will include a meal plan of our now modified favourite meals!

What I’m NOT Eating:

All fruit (I was eating apple and pear in small amounts, but I’ve cut that too.)

All dried fruit.

Maple syrup (I was using this to sweeten things, but I’m cutting it.)

Sweet potato

Butternut squash





Quinoa (boooo, but I’m saying goodbye to this too)

Lentils-kind of-I’ll keep going with small handfuls, but may cut completely.

Bread (ocaasional slices of rye bread only.)

All dairy (replacing with coconut/almond based products. Also tried to vegan dairy free cheese-#VOMWORTHY)


Pasta of any variety

Red meat (that’s mainly personal choice, it could still be eaten with IR)

I think it goes without saying that chocolate/crisps/biscuits etc are all definite no gos, but I’ve included them anyway!

Wish me luck for next week…!

(They look innocent, but caused me no end of mental anguish…!)


  1. January 27, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    Oh god, good luck. And well done on the loss so far! I had no idea about beetroot…*sob* It’s one of my ultimate favourites. The other starchy veg I knew about. But, oh, dairy? CHEESE IS MY LIFE :(:(

    • This Mum's Life
      January 27, 2017 / 2:48 pm

      I honestly had no idea that butternut squash and peas could be so evil…!! Yes, there is evidence to say that dairy products spike insulin levels (although more research is needed to find out why.) I miss cheese too… Do not go near the vegan stuff-it’s awful!!!!! But I’m ok with coconut milk and yogurts (not soya ones though, because they come from the beans…!) honestly, it’s never ending!!!!

  2. February 3, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    Wowee, what a list! I wouldn’t know what to have to eat honey! You’re doing so so well though, you should be so proud of yourself and I have been emotional this week (after cutting out sugar and having a shit week) and I would have cried over carrots and peas too… Chin up, you’re brill and oyu can totally do this.xxx

    • This Mum's Life
      February 3, 2017 / 5:54 pm

      Thanks for the lovely words!! Sorry you’ve had a terrible week, that and dropping the sugar must’ve made for a very difficult combo… We’ve been away this week, and it’s been so hard, because normally I’d just do really quick food and we’d drink every night, and it was soooo tough not to do that!! I hope you have a better week next week xx

  3. February 3, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    That’s an amazing amount of weight lost already lovely and you are working so blimmin hard! You deserve so much success for all your commitment. I can’t believe how much you’re having to avoid? I’m struggling to think of what’s left? You are one dedicated superstar and you rock at kicking PCOS ass! Xx

    • This Mum's Life
      February 3, 2017 / 6:01 pm

      Thanks Dawn! I think I’ve just got so much to lose, that 10lbs feels like a drop in the ocean, and isn’t really noticeable. But I really shouldn’t complain, because it’s actually the most I’ve lost in 4 years! Because I haven’t got the food part right until now, I’ve never before managed to change the insulin resistance, and become disheartened when I haven’t lost anything. I know it sounds like there’s not a lot of food left, but the books I’ve got, have some really creative recipes for the food I can have! Tonight we are having a curry sauce made from blended green veg and coconut milk (when it’s spiced and seasoned, it tastes like a normal curry sauce!) with cauliflower rice (except my husband is having brown rice, because he absolutely won’t tolerate the cauliflower version…!) Thanks for the kindest of words, and amazing encouragement! Xx