I’ve often found it very easy to go out and buy cheap and readily available clothing for the boys, primarily with the thoughts that ‘they grow out of things too quickly,’ and ‘it will probably get ruined quickly, so I won’t waste the money.’ However, although I have been known to indulge in massive shopping sprees for myself and the children, in some very well known stores that sell very cheap clothing, I have started to question my mass purchases, and the cost they are having to the environment, and the alleged working conditions of those producing them. I also questioned what they contain, as some recent things I bought, left both boys skin irritated, and dyed an odd colour.

As I have been changing the way I am eating and living, (everything organic where possible,) it came at the right time that I was contacted by Sense Organics, to review some of their boys organic cotton clothing range. The range is small, and the look clean and simple, and the website states that all clothes are ‘organic cotton certified, and socially and environmentally friendly.’ Here are the clothes that we were sent:

(Pictures courtesy of the Sense Organics website.)

Top left: Boy reversible shirt penguin print, Felix, currently £12.50

Top right: Boy long sleeve shirt penguin print, currently £9.00

Bottom left: Boy long sleeve shirt wolf print, Malthe, currently £9.00

Bottom right: Boy long sleeve blue stripes, Malthe, currently £9.00

The reversible Felix top was soooo lovely and thick, and really, really soft. The white penguin Turid top was quite thin, not really suited to the weather at the moment, but would be well suited to spring, during that ‘in between’ weather, where it’s not quite warm enough for t-shirts. My little one was absolutely in love with his wolf print Malthe top, and wanted to wear it to bed, and absolutely everywhere he went!

(The eldest turned out to be quite a good model, but the littlest, although he couldn’t wait to show off his wolf top, was also eager to show us a heart too…!)

Although buying organic can be a little more expensive, now my children don’t grow out of things quite so quickly, and often, the much cheaper clothing can turn to rag after a couple of washes. As there’s no denying the quality of these clothes, it’s actually a better investment in the long run, as they certainly go the distance when it comes to being washed-previous organic clothing I have bought, has still looked in amazing condition when the boys have well and truly worn it everywhere, and it’s been washed many times.

In buying organic, there are also less pesticides in the material, and you are doing your bit for the environment by helping to keep water clean (from the lack of pesticides finding their way into it,) and also helping keep the farmers creating the cotton safe. It’s a win all around!

Sense Organics make clothes for babies, through to six years. It states on the website that all cotton is organic, and certified by GOTS, socially and environmentally friendly, and is best washed at 30 degrees. The clothing would make gorgeous gifts for anyone with a new baby, and are lovely and hard wearing for older children, and I will buy from them myself.

*I was sent the clothes for free, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.