The Big Pink Link Week 13

#bigpinklink WEEK 13!


Welcome back, Big Pink Linkers!! I’ve had a crazy week here, with lots of illness, an incredible amount of vomit, and now a pile of washing I fear I will never see the bottom of until at least 2026… I’m absolutely flipping exhausted, but hopefully we seem to have seen the back of it now, fingers crossed… I hope everybody has been enjoying the warmer weather! No doubt soon we will all be retreating to the shade, moaning about it being ‘far too hot,’ pretty much mandatory behaviour!!

Ok, featured posts! The first of mine from last week comes from Mummy Rules, with the post , I’d Rather Smell Like A Goat a very witty and candid look at how a hilarious conversation you flippantly have as a young, carefree student, would be entirely different if you had it as an adult with small children…!!

The second of my featured posts comes from Tammymum with the post The Alternate Mummy Awards, a hilarious collection of anecdotes (ok, possibly fails,) that will have you in stitches, and full of sympathy!!

The first of Lou’s featured posts comes from Right Royal Mother with a beautifully thought provoking, but ultimately very sad post When Charlotte The Great Turns One. Please have a read, you’ll be very moved… Her second comes from Papa Tont, ‘Decisions, Decisions.’ He has found himself in an incredibly difficult situation, and needs lots of support. I’m sending lots of positivity your way…

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Soooo, get your link on, let’s see what you’ve got! I’m linking this week with ‘Parents Evening…?’

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