All about tantrism and its benefits

Tantrism is a secular discipline stemming from Tibetan and Hindu doctrines. In Europe, this process is particularly in demand since it allows to bring a little originality in the intimate life in order to find the perfect harmony. You don’t know much about it yet? Here are the essentials to know on the subject.

What is tantrism?

It is a discipline of life whose objective is to unify body and mind in order to achieve a state of total awakening. Tantrism is based on well-defined rituals while conforming to texts adapted to this practice. To do this, it is therefore necessary to focus on the discovery of different sensations in order to find sexual pleasure.

Breathing and Meditation are the most used methods in tantra. These sets of tools make it possible to solicit all of the senses in order to achieve what is called tantric orgasm.

The goal will therefore be to reach orgasm, without necessarily emitting fluids, so that sexual energy remains at its peak.

The benefits of practicing tantrism

This method of orgasmic meditation promotes personal development to overcome difficulties related to all areas of life. Thus, it would allow:

  • Avoid depression.
  • Rediscover self-confidence and the joy of living.
  • Reconnecting in a romantic relationship.
  • Become aware of the bright and dark sides of your life.
  • Find the strength to face a breakup or a death.

The stages of tantric massage

The course of the sessions depends on the methods adopted by each therapist. While some take the time to talk with clients to provide explanations on the practice, other professionals immediately proceed to the massage. However, there are commonalities that affect the exploration of all the senses. To learn tantric massage, many videos are available on the internet.

  • Generally, all areas of the body should be massaged, even private parts. The person should strip naked. Anyway, it is possible to keep the underwear on and not touch the erogenous zones.
  • The session can be done on a simple table, the massaged person can choose whether or not to use oil.
  • The massage technique adopted is very slow, sensual and spiritual.

Tantrism and sexuality: the whole truth about this practice

Tantrism is assimilated with a sexual practice. However, it is the process that leads to the pleasure of orgasm which is essential. If you are parents, you should know that this practice requires a lot of time so plan a baby monitor to keep an eye and an ear on your baby.

In any case, tantrism consists in living fusional moments to achieve the supreme union

  • The couple look into each other’s eyes.
  • It’s about caressing all parts of the body.
  • Penetration is not a requirement.
  • Partners need to learn how to properly manage contractions during orgasm.

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