Alpine Baby Muffy Review – Test and Price

Main advantage:

From now on, babies can also enjoy good protection against harmful noise thanks to this helmet. Carrying the CE mark which demonstrates its reliability, the Alpine Baby Muffy is able to offer an attenuation of up to 23 decibels to preserve the hearing aid of the little ones.

Main disadvantage:

The only point to improve on this helmet is its attachment system which is not very practical to use. Indeed, the headband tends to fall on the small face of the child.

Verdict: 9.5 / 10

Suitable for all babies, this hearing protection can be used in complete safety. In addition, it effectively reduces noise.

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Main Features Explained


The noise canceling headphones are no longer intended only for adults, indeed the Alpine brand recently proposed this hearing protection which is made for children from 3 to 36 months. This device ensures very good isolation of too loud music and all harmful noises. Its use is therefore essential to prevent hearing trauma.

Since babies deserve the best products, we chose the Alpine Baby Muffy which is specially made in the Netherlands. In addition, its design complies with European regulations.

This helmet consists of two pads which are connected by a soft and elastic headband. It essentially contains hypoallergenic and silicone-free materials. Therefore, this equipment does not cause irritation problem or other skin allergies.


Since the Alpine Baby Muffy is the only noise-canceling headset that has CE certification, its reliability is therefore indisputable. On the other hand, its manufacture is not its only asset. This hearing protection is also pleasant to wear in order to respect the well-being of babies.

To do this, it has a double elastic band for more comfort. This component is not tight at all. In addition, it easily adjusts according to the size of the child’s head with the velcro closure. As for the protective shells, they do not put any pressure on the ears.

Faced with the universal design of this device, it can be adapted to all users from 3 to 36 months. So you just need to find the right setting for it to be properly held in place. In addition, it does not include any metal part that could cause feelings of discomfort.


The system used to attach this helmet is carefully designed to make it easy to put on. In addition, it is very easy to remove without disturbing your baby. This product is supplied with three bands of different colors namely pink-white, blue-white and gray-white. This allows you to customize according to the gender of your child.

As for the shells, they are designed with an oval shape and are covered with foam to achieve a soft contact with the ears. In addition, it is very easy to undo the headband before maintenance. In addition, this element cleans and dries fairly quickly.

This equipment is not limited to isolating noises, it also promotes falling asleep when traveling with the baby. In addition, the manufacturer offers a cover intended to protect the device while facilitating its transport.

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