Baby at 9 months – his continuous development

Now that she is 9 months old, you notice that your baby is getting more and more active. This is completely normal, as it continues to grow in order to acquire new capacities. As a parent, you need to be well informed about your child’s developmental stages in order to act more effectively in each situation.

Baby at 9 months, motor skills are developing

What about the baby’s motor skills? From now on, your child has greater control over his body. Indeed, he moves much more easily, whether on all fours or on his stomach. Some are sitting down and others are already standing. The child is also able to adopt many positions by kneeling or squatting. Indeed, it enjoys greater freedom of movement and you will certainly notice these evolutions over the days.

Obviously, a 9 month old baby does not progress in the same way as another. Those at a more advanced stage are able to lean against the wall or furniture in order to stand up. Either way, don’t worry if yours is still moving with his butt or crawling on his stomach. The most important thing is to adapt to the development of the 9 month old baby.

Also, you will find that the child’s actions intensify a little more each day. Indeed, it begins to not do without you and it clings firmly to your clothes. This gesture can also be explained by his fear of being separated from you so that by leaving him a little alone to take care of your tasks, you will only have peace of mind when using a baby monitor. In addition, he learns to stroke, crush or try to break certain objects.

Since he is good at moving around, he wants to explore the world around him, especially his 9 month old nursery. To do this, he looks for all the means to climb everywhere, whether on furniture or on the stairs. This is the most effective method for him to stand up. In addition, the child has acquired the ability to grab objects that he can hold between the thumb and forefinger. At this point, he tries to touch everything he sees. We recommend that you remove all objects that could be dangerous for your toddler. Obviously, continuous monitoring is strongly recommended to prevent accidents during this period.

Baby at 9 months, psychomotor development

The development of a 9 month old baby is not limited the gain in motor skills that we talked about above. Indeed, its psychomotor side is also particularly stimulated in order to promote its growth. This is why the child begins to understand that there are categories for each object. When he discerns the meaning of an animal word for example, then he will necessarily associate it in this family. In this way, he gradually learns to distinguish the names of animals, various objects and foods. Thanks to these discoveries, the curiosity of the little one is further stimulated. That said, he feels the need to touch, smell and look at each object in order to categorize it.

But again, what does a baby do at 9 months? To answer it, know that its language develops a little more as it acquires more comprehension. At this age, your baby will begin to remember her name, as well as the names of everyone she sees every day. Also, he tries as best he can to repeat words or sentences. It is very likely that he will be able to answer if you try to call him.

When you pretend to take his 9 month old baby toy away, he might get upset. The moment you act out expressions, he understands them and reacts accordingly, either by crying or laughing for example. This is not all since your cherub also learns sensitivity, when another child sobs then he does the same. In addition, he will do anything to draw your attention to him, for this reason he is ready to pretend to cry for example or to be sad.

Still concerning the psychomotor development of a 9 month old baby, you may also notice that your little one is still anxious for fear of being abandoned. You will see it by his actions, especially with his anger or whims. From this age on, it is also crucial to focus on 9 month old baby’s play. This stage is precisely favorable to initiate him to the various interlocking games.

On the other hand, you will have to teach him step by step the sense of logic, in particular by helping him to diversify the things that you give him as well as his toys. Also, the blanket takes on capital importance at 9 months for all children. In reality, the latter is in a way the reassuring image of the mother. This is why they are so attached to it.

At this stage, the parents and the baby also experience a particularly close relationship. Indeed, it requires playing and spending a lot more time with you than before. Indeed, your presence at his side is essential so that he feels reassured and especially so that he reaches a higher stage of his development.

In this case, it is important that you know that he is doing this to assert himself and showcase his personality. So try not to get easily upset and show him that you understand his behavior. In addition, you will also see other changes that may surprise you more. Indeed, the child may be afraid of things that did not worry him before, in particular objects or people they do not see on a daily basis.

What about his health?

A child in good shape develops much better, which is why we must give an important place to his health. When it comes to this stage, a 9 month old baby’s height is 71 cm for a boy and 69 cm for a girl. Regarding the cranial perimeter, it can vary between 42 and 48 cm. In any case, this age is an important stage since it will be marked by the first injection of his MMR vaccine. The latter is precisely supposed to provide protection against measles. As for the second, it will be around the 122 or the 15th month. Besides, we recommend not to forget it so that the baby stays healthy. Note that a 9 month old baby must have already taken other vaccines such as Pentavac and the Prevenar booster.

This is not all, because he must pass the second health check which is mandatory. You can do this at the pediatrician and it is best to make an appointment if you haven’t already done so to be on time. This consultation will aim to monitor the development of the child to be sure that the growth is taking place correctly. This is also an opportunity to make an update on the diet and if it is necessary to make changes. Normally, the baby should weigh around 8-10 kg.

During this consultation, the pediatrician carefully examines the new skills acquired by the patient. It is also an opportunity to take a closer look at other cognitive skills, such as sight or hearing. This is not all, since the pediatrician carries out a small assessment of the sleep of the 9 month old baby, is the care continuous or random and, if it is done only by the parents or in a nursery. Information all as important as the others to check if the child is growing up in a good environment.

Feeding and sleeping for a 9 month old baby

the 9 month old baby weight develops more, in fact he eats almost everything at this age. Know then that this is the right time to start introducing a diet containing fat. Prioritize above all vegetable oils and butters. Since egg yolks have been a part of their meals for a while, you can also add white to their dishes.

Also, as the child continues to be afraid of being separated from you, he may still have trouble falling asleep. He rests about 11 hours each night, however he can sometimes skip sleep cycles. It is therefore essential to further improve the ritual before bedtime. To do this, do not forget to put his blanket in his bed so that he feels more reassured. Playing music can also make it easier to fall asleep. When they reach their 9 month growth peak, your child should be getting better quality sleep.

Help baby to grow up

It is not enough to choose the right 9 month old baby toy to hope that it continues its development. Indeed, it is also important to expand your vocabulary by naming the objects that surround it. However, avoid using ‘baby talk’, but use simple, understandable terms.

Would you like to know how to look after a 9 month old baby? Know that this is the best time to spend time outdoors. That said, plan to go out with your child to learn more about the outside world. In addition, it is not uncommon for parents at this age to introduce the baby to swimming. An increasingly common activity for 9-month-old babies, which however requires adapted accessories. If mom or dad should be fitted with a waterproof swim cap, the baby should wear a waterproof diaper and have a bath towel.

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