Babybjorn One Air review – test and price

Main advantage

This is a multifunctional baby carrier which is suitable for newborns. Then, he can follow your child through all the stages of his growth. To do this, the Babybjorn One Air offers 4 different carrying positions.

Main drawback

After adjusting all the supportive supports, some parents find that their children are much too low because their heads were at breast level after placement.

Verdict: 9.6 / 10

Complies with many safety standards, this baby carrier is completely reliable. The carrying positions offered also guarantee prolonged use of this accessory.

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Main Features Explained


Children are particularly sensitive to everything around them, which is why the best equipment should be chosen. The Babybjorn One Air is rightly selected in this ranking because of its quality. This is a product that has received compliance with European and American safety standards namely EN 03209-2 / 2015 as well as ASTM F223.

Containing no dangerous substance and complying with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, this model incorporates class 1. Thus, all the materials used on this product present no risk for children even if they are put in the mouth.

Therefore, you will have peace of mind if you opt for this article. In addition, this baby carrier is quite easy to machine to ensure hygienic use. Just follow the washing instructions in order to optimize the life of this accessory.


The purchase of the Babybjorn One Air attracts many parents because of the different positions available for use. Indeed, this model is designed to follow your offspring in their stages of growth. It is therefore a scalable baby carrier that can be used from birth.

To begin with, there is the newborn position which allows you to carry the child as close to your body as possible, here it is not necessary to use an insert. Then you have the porterage in the front and in front of you. This technique serves to strengthen the bonds with your offspring.

You can also choose to put the child in the front, but facing outwards. This system is recommended from 5 months, because the little one begins to be curious and to want to explore the world. Finally, you have the portage on the back which strengthens the growth of the child. Moreover, it is from twelve months that this technique is recommended.


Unlike some baby carriers, The Babybjorn One Air guarantees a pleasant carrying to make parents want to use it every time. For the child, there is a wide and adjustable seat that keeps the baby’s hips in a physiological position.

To ensure carrying stability, a belt is integrated on this model. The major advantage of this component is that it helps to relieve the back and shoulders of the wearer to avoid feeling pain under the weight of the child.

In addition, the shoulder straps are generously padded to optimize comfort and carrying convenience. Also, the adjustment of the postures that accompany this article is simplified to save you time and reduce the constraints of use.

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