Benefits of herbal tea and improved family health

Herbal tea is a drink concocted from plants and water with the aim of obtaining health benefits, and for pleasure to a lesser extent. Once widely used, herbal tea has seen some decline before gradually regaining its place in improving family health in recent times.

In this article, we invite you to discover the different presentations and preparations of herbal tea, some benefits of herbal tea on family health, then our recommendations.

The different presentations and preparations of herbal tea

All parts of a plant can be used to prepare an herbal tea depending on the remedy you want to obtain. These are basically the leaves, flowers, stems, bark and root. These elements are used in various forms and can be prepared in several ways to obtain herbal tea.

There tisane comes fresh or dried, cut into small pieces or reduced to powder, stored in bulk or in the form of tea bags. This last presentation is particularly practical because you can even take it with you on the go: to the office, on a trip, etc.

There are also three ways to prepare herbal tea: decoction, infusion and maceration.

The decoction : it is a process that consists of boiling one or more plants in water to obtain a herbal tea.

The infusion : it consists of pouring boiling water over one or more plants and letting everything soak for a certain period of time in order to obtain an herbal tea.

Maceration : It is the fact of soaking one or more plants in plain water for a longer or shorter period of time in order to obtain an herbal tea.

Taken under any of these different preparations, the herbal tea has shown its effectiveness.

Some benefits of herbal tea on family health

The resurgence of herbal tea consumption observed recently is due to the discovery of its many benefits on family health.

Indeed, we have recently noticed that herbal teas have helped to relieve and even naturally cure the small everyday ailments that generally undermine family health. More disturbing evils have not escaped the benefits of herbal tea. Below are some herbal teas and their family health benefits.

• Verbena, ginger, lemon leaves or neem leaves: aids digestion.

• Ginger or garlic: helps unclog the airways.

• Valerian: promotes sleep

• Ginger: relieves dental and joint pain.

• Garlic: purifies the digestive tract and prevents their infestation by intestinal parasites.

• Papaya or neem or lemon tree leaves: purify the liver.

• Guava leaves: promote normal bowel movements.

• Soursop: regulates blood sugar levels and promotes normal cell development.

Our recommendations

Despite all the benefits that herbal tea brings to family health, we recommend that you always consult a health specialist in order to avoid contraindications. Also be sure to respect the doses indicated without forgetting the deadlines for use.

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