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#bigpinklink WEEK SEVEN!


welcome back #bigpinklink party people! We broke all records for linkers again last week!! Totally amazing!! Thanks to all of you wonderful people for coming back and supporting our fantastic community. I had a wonderful, but fairly tearful time reading last weeks posts, there were some really beautiful tear jerkers in there…

Choosing featured posts was almost impossible! The standard was just so high! The first that I decided on came from Gumdrops and The Bear, with her post ‘Mummy, you don’t have a daddy, do you?’ a beautiful, emotional and poignant look at discussing bereavement with children. Then, there were 2 BRILLIANT posts about the now infamous controversial words of Jamie Oliver, and the 2 posts I read about this debate were very different, but both flipping AWESOME!!! So check out Agent Spitbacks take on it, ‘We’re coming to get you, Formual Feeders!’ and check out And Then There Were Two’s equally brilliant response, entitled ‘Dear Jamie Oliver.’

The first of Lou’s favourites from last week came from Single Mum Speaks, with the wonderfully creative ‘Romeo and Juliet in the Night Garden: A love story of two little wooden pegs.’ Sit down, have a read, and enjoy this piece of brilliance! Her second post comes from Mama Zen, with their post ‘Send Help.’ Hilarious, just genius!!

All of you please feel free to help yourselves to a featured post badge!

Pink Pear Bear

I’m linking an old post this week, because Easter and family stuff has taken over, and writing has taken a back seat for a week! As I haven’t linked a serious post for a while, I’m linking with my post about my experience with postnatal depression and anxiety. As it’s one of my very early posts, I don’t think many people have seen it anyway, so it will good for it to get an airing to a wider audience, and hopefully raise awareness of this sensitive issue.

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