Ergobaby Original review – test and price

Main advantage:

This accessory is very practical to take your little one everywhere. Here you can hold it in 4 different positions: dorsal, ventral or on both sides. Both the wearer and the little one will be comfortable for this purpose.

Main disadvantage:

One person complained that they had difficulty using this model. She claimed that the rear binding turned out to be misplaced, complicating its use.

Verdict: 9.0 / 10

This product is suitable for all parents who want to have a useful accessory for walking with their baby. Despite its fairly high price, this model remains an interesting element for its qualities.

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Main Features Explained

Comfort at the rendezvous

The baby carriers have been designed to make a very young child comfortable. And as expected, this model is no exception. Indeed, Ergobaby has succeeded in offering a product that is convenient for toddlers, but also for mothers. Among other things, it allows the cherub to play with its feet. The latter will place himself in the “frog” position, that is to say with his legs stretched out and spread apart. Moreover, this way of holding is adapted to the physiological needs of your little one. He will not feel any discomfort whatsoever.

For parents, this item offers a perfect balance thanks to its straps and well-adjusted belt. You will also use this accessory to rock the baby in his room. It will stand easily against its carrier and will quickly find the arms of Morpheus. Therefore, it will be easier to fall asleep and you will not feel tired.

Ergonomic and practical design

This baby carrier evenly distributes the weight on the shoulders and hips of the mom (or dad). Besides, you will enjoy a convenient product for daily use. The padding gives great ease in its use. In addition, the straps adapt quickly to the morphology of the parent so that they do not feel pressure. The chest strap also offers excellent support. If ever the little one moves, he will not risk loosening the accessory thanks to this element.

The bucket seat for the child incorporates two buttons to effectively adjust its position. Thus, this reference gives the wearer the possibility of correctly placing and holding the child. A central velcro style belt has the role of firmly keeping the baby against its parent. It is easily adjusted according to the physical shape and size of the person. As a result, the mother will have a perfect fixation.

Suitable for toddlers

Even if you have just given birth, know that you can use this accessory to welcome your cherub. In other words, an infant can be placed in this Ergobaby baby carrier from its first days. Moreover, the belly is perfectly suited for toddlers weighing 3 kg. Thanks to the practical adjustment system, these will fit comfortably inside.

For information, you can also use it for older children. Those under 15 kg (2 or 3 years old) will be just as comfortable as the little ones. And when they reach that age, you will remove the collection pad to save space. Note that the integrated hood gives more convenience when the baby falls asleep. It offers more privacy during breastfeeding and protects it from sunburn or rain.

Four positions

It will be possible to change the location of the cherub at any time. You can place it in the front and against you, but also put it in the back as if you were carrying a backpack. If you wish, you will adjust it so that the toddler is at the level of your hip. This last initiative allows the child to be placed either in a position facing the world or facing you. A cotton headrest protects him from prying eyes while providing support for his neck. Especially since this Ergobaby baby carrier has a large storage pocket.

All these possibilities make this accessory practical for all occasions. Concretely, for walks in the park, shopping or just to put baby to sleep. In short, you have an array of choices to meet your needs and those of your child.

Enhanced security system

This model has an additional protection rating than similar products. Indeed, the support and fixation system puts the child at ease. He covers it up and protects it from incidents. We all know that a little one of this age has a tendency to move. The 4-snap shoulder straps are particularly effective in keeping it firmly in place. Not to mention that the back extension adjusts comfortably and provides adequate immobilization for carrying. This accessory confines him and leaves no chance of him falling. He places himself in his physiological position so that there is no restriction for him.

Regarding its maintenance, this equipment is machine washable to remove all dirt. Thus, you reduce the risks by having a specific material at all times. Mom and dad will be able to take their child without the slightest worry with this baby carrier.

A quality accessory

Your child deserves the best. And speaking of a good baby carrier, this Ergobaby model is one of the most popular on the market today. One of the reasons is its design suitable for a little one. Concretely, cotton, known for its ease and lightness, is particularly present in its construction. The materials necessary for its manufacture are all comfortable (padding, covering, elastic) for the happiness of your cherub.

Moreover, this specimen enjoys special recognition. It is a healthy piece of equipment for the parent and for the little one. The German association Aktion Gesunder Rucken approves the safe use of this product. The International Institute for Dysplasia also recommends this Ergobaby for baby’s hips. Remember that their well-being comes first. With this element, your child will therefore benefit from a safe accessory adapted to his needs.

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