Ergobaby Performance Reviews – Test and Price

Main advantage:

Ergobaby Performance stands out for its resistance. Its entire structure can support babies up to 3 years old. All toddlers under 20 kg will be welcome on the equipment.

Main disadvantage:

The product does not come with the infant cushion. Users will thus have to pay an additional sum to acquire it. However, you won’t need it anymore if your little one is over 1 year old.

Verdict: 9.0 / 10

This article offers maximum comfort to the little one. The whole remains resistant, and at a fair price. You won’t have to pay a lot to acquire it.

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Main Features Explained

Materials of construction

The Ergobaby Performance is formed by mesh lining and Coolmax. This aims to reduce the effects of sweating after long walks. The air will be able to circulate freely, so the baby will stay cool even in sunny weather.

We also have polyester which is added to the other two materials. This time, the idea is to make the baby carrier as light as possible. As a result, you end up with a featherweight model that isn’t likely to get in your way. It also weighs only 700 g.

Basically, the components of the Performance Ergobaby appear to be fine. These are similar to those bags and sporting goods that rely on resistance. The risks of tearing are thus reduced with this variation. This offers the possibility of running with it, you can do a bit of jogging while having your little one on your chest.

Padding and thickness

Ergobaby performance is padded to the clips. The shoulder straps and waistband form a padded surface that increases comfort a notch. As a result, parents will not feel any pain in the shoulder or hip area.

The little one benefits from a rather thick coating. From the back to the buttocks, this whole part is comfortably covered by a layer several centimeters thick. In addition, the latter seems quite flexible, and follows the morphology of the toddler. It’s going to kind of stabilize you at all times.

And if the padding alone is not enough, the safety straps in turn provide greater support. You can tighten the straps crosswise in case they are too far apart. Do the same for the belt if the comfort does not suit you.


The Ergobaby Performance seems well put together. The set is sewn securely so that the stitches do not come loose. There are reinforced stitching points on the edges of the covering and at the waistband. They hold the belts in place so that they provide a compact connection with the rest.

This method makes the baby carrier just as strong as its ilk. Indeed, the Ergobaby allows you to carry up to 20 kg of muscle, the equivalent of a child of 3 to 4 years in good health. And that, with his legs and arms free of all movements.

Even with a hyper active toddler who gesticulates all the time, this model is not likely to fall apart. However, slats and hooks should be avoided at all costs, the breathable middle layer remains vulnerable.

Simple porting

Ergobaby Performance admits three modes of portability. Either on the back, or on the front or on the side. Each of these positions offers a different view to the toddler. The first two give him a field of vision to his left and right. While the latter widens its front and rear viewing angle a little.

It’s rather a shame that the performance Ergobaby lacks a carrying position. Since, the head of the little one remains frozen on the parent’s chest, suddenly the baby will not be able to fully scrutinize the road and what surrounds it. So, it’s up to you to draw his attention to the interesting settings when you are outside.

Like all baby carriers At the moment, this copy still promises the removable cushion for toddlers. It is used exclusively for infants and not for older people. But then again, the accessory seems to be sold separately from the article.


On the design point, this Ergobaby model has a zipped pocket. Placed on the front, it will be used to carry small accessories more easily. Now you can fit your child’s hat, socks and mini gloves inside. Likewise, coins like the wallet will be able to take refuge naturally.

Apart from its practicality, the pocket has a nice look. It adds more to the simplistic design of the Ergobaby performance. From a general point of view, this model remains quite broad. The belt ends with a rounded apron which will cover even more the ventral part.

Thus, in side porting, it will reach half of the hip. While in the supine position, it will touch the tip of the spine. This element acts as a kind of wedge and gives a more horizontal posture to the baby carrier.

UV protection

For the well-being of the baby, the designers have pushed the bar higher by integrating UV protection into their creation. The coating in question is provided with an ultra violet 50 + UPF treatment. Quite simply, it gives you the opportunity to drag your toddler around in the middle of the day.

But, before you do so, bring a blanket or a straw hat. This will be used to cover the head of the little one when the sun goes through the zenith. In the greatest of luck, the Ergobaby performance does not have a sun cover, which is regrettable on its part.

Likewise, the neck pose is forgotten here. It is the padding of the structure that will ensure this task. Admittedly, it does not seem like much, but does not clutter the design, and does the trick well. Your role will be to hold the child’s head from time to time so that it does not tilt too far back.

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