Joie Every Stage FX Review – Review and Price

Main advantage

In addition to the practicality of Joie Every Stage FX, it is also said to be versatile thanks to its height and headrest which are adjustable. These will help give your children unparalleled comfort.

Main drawback

The only point that we could blame Joie Every Stage FX is on the headrest. Indeed, several users have said that it is not fixed enough.

Verdict: 8.9 / 10

You will be able to offer your little one Joie Every Stage FX until he is 12 years old, which proves how much this device is well worth the investment.

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Main Features Explained


This seat is suitable for group 0+ 1 2 3. The child can be placed rearward facing when he is only 18 kg. If you ignore it, such a location will provide your baby with optimal comfort. In addition, you can directly position the model facing the road when your child weighs between 18 to 36 kg.

As your toddlers grow, this seat will keep pace with their growth. Indeed, you should know that Joie Every Stage FX is easily converted depending on the weight and age of your little ones. They will be able to sneak comfortably inside this model until they are 12 years old. Despite this age group, the manufacturer still indicates a maximum weight limit of 36 kg.


We can see how much Joie Every Stage FX intends to offer children the most appreciable comfort. The seat design has also been made with cozy padding on the backrest and chair, in order to rock the little ones as well as possible along the way. They will feel more comfortable in this seat, without feeling the slightest fatigue.

No matter your child’s weight or size, this style is designed to easily adjust to their measurements. Indeed, it is possible to adjust the height of the seat from highest to lowest. In addition, the headrest is also adjustable according to the location you deem suitable for your baby’s head.

Several features

It has never been safe to put a child in the backseat of a car with a simple seat belt, given the ever-increasing risk of accidents. To give you peace of mind, it is important to have a piece of furniture specially designed to reassure you during your journeys by car, hence the need for car seats.

Coming with several accessories, you’ll be able to get up and running with Joie Every Stage FX in no time. Note, however, that the assembly will be done in a very different way depending on the weight of your baby. You will need the isofix system when your little one weighs only 8 kg maximum. Beyond that, isosafe connectors will be more suitable for the installation.

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