Mom and baby: 5 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy, there is no sensation that can explain the joy of feeling this little being coming to life within you. But stress and anxiety never fail to show up especially when you take the time to think about how such a small being can grow up to be a baby. Are you in your first month? Find out what’s going on inside your body.

Baby at 5 weeks pregnant

Where is baby at 5 weeks pregnant? In any case, it will not yet be the size of a 5-month-old fetus. Between 5-7 weeks, the tiny embryo that grows inside your mother-to-be body is no bigger than a peppercorn. Measuring between 5 and 7 mm, her little face begins to take shape gradually.

From the fifth week, her small eyes will appear and form a small protrusion. The nose, mouth and small ears will widen. Your little baby is at this stage an embryo that has lost its tail and whose arms and legs are starting to grow. What about his heart? It beats twice as much as yours and gains more volume. As for his vital organs, they are all already formed at this stage.

Mom at 5 weeks pregnant

It must be said that this is not the easiest period of pregnancy. The first trimester is often the most complicated. From 3 weeks of pregnancy until 7 weeks of pregnancy, nausea and fatigue will follow one another. The hardest part will also be coping with mood swings, stomach bloating and anxiety attacks.

At 5 weeks pregnant, you should also pay attention to your lifestyle. Consider buying a baking sheet protector to avoid the urge to cook every time you want to enjoy a delicious raclette. Yes, you will have to leave it out, because excess calcium is not good for your baby.

What about medical procedures?

There is nothing to be alarmed about yet. During the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, you do not yet have an appointment with your doctor, other than verification ultrasound. It will aim to ensure that the fetus does indeed grow inside the uterine pouch.

Also take advantage of your visit to ask for information about your diet. Do not hesitate to ask what is good for the development of the fetus and what is strictly prohibited. At the same time, ask what you can do to limit weight gain without harming your baby. The reason is that many women fall into depression after childbirth as a result of their massive weight gain.

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