Mom and baby at 22 weeks pregnant

Time flies so quickly that you are now at 24 weeks of gestation, at the end of the 5the month of pregnancy. At this point your belly is getting bigger and bigger, this could lead to back pain. The 22 week pregnant baby also acquires great mobility and you can feel their every move.

Changes in mom

– Weight gain

Since you regained your appetite at the start of the second trimester and with the developing fetus, you should have gained a few extra pounds. Besides, you can no longer hide your 22 week belly. At 22 weeks pregnant, weight gain is around 5 kg. Either way, it can vary from woman to woman.

If your weight is significantly overweight, it is best to seek professional help from your doctor. Either way, it is important that you adopt a healthier eating habit around 24 weeks of pregnancy. Also take care to vary your meals to have everything your baby needs for his growth. Remember that it gets all the necessary nutrients from your body.

– Back pain

Since you have a few extra pounds, 24 her’s stomach has rounded off a lot. Thus, your body’s center of gravity shifts forward. So you have the impression that your belly is pushing you forward. This modification generates back pain. In order to alleviate this inconvenience, there is only one watchword which is rest. As soon as you can, even lie down for a few minutes. From now on, try to wear only flat shoes and sandals. Also, you should no longer be carrying heavy loads when you are at 24 weeks of gestation.

– Some persistent inconvenience

During amenorrhea week 24 of pregnancy, blood volume increases dramatically. This process is essential to meet the needs of the placenta and the fetus. However, it can cause other discomfort noticeable at 22 weeks of pregnancy. Especially, bleeding from the nose and gums. You may also feel tingling in the limbs or shortness of breath. In order to avoid the risk of anemia, it is advisable to adopt a diet fortified with iron. If you opt for supplements, it is best to discuss this with your doctor first.

In addition, this amplification of blood volume makes the kidneys work harder by ensuring the elimination of waste from mother and baby. Faced with this significant strain on these organs, the risk of developing a urinary tract infection is much greater at 24 weeks. To avoid this, it is necessary to adopt a good hydration by drinking at least 1.5 L of water per day.

The evolutions of the baby

– Baby has grown up

The 22 week old baby has come a long way since procreation. Now he is around 26cm tall. Also, the weight of a 24 wt fetus is 0.5 kg. Regarding the face, the eyebrows are clearly visible as are the eyelids which have not yet opened. Pigmentation of the iris is also in progress in order to define the color of the eyes. By observing the skin, we can see that it is all wrinkled due to the lack of fat reserves. This is covered with a thin membrane ensuring its protection. This falls a few days after birth. On the other hand, the hair grows very smoothly.

– Baby is very active

The muscles of a 22 week pregnant fetus have strengthened. Therefore, he is able to perform more vigorous movements than mom inevitably feels. For now, there is enough room in the uterus. On the other hand, the size of the fetus will increase considerably to limit its movements.

During a 22 week pregnancy, the baby is very responsive to those around him. Indeed, he uses his hands to explore his environment. Therefore, this is the best time to talk to him and make him listen to songs. You can also read stories so that it recognizes your voice. These activities are also a way to reassure the baby who is 24 years old.

What you should do

– The first purchases

When you reach the 22nd week of pregnancy, the presence of the baby becomes more concrete. Unlike the first period, this second trimester is much more peaceful, because you are less tired and the pregnancy ailments have almost disappeared. Thus, it is the right moment to plan on the purchases to be made.

It’s about making a list of everything that is needed for the baby’s house and nursery. Obviously, you are not going to buy everything all at once. For large equipment such as the cradle and changing table, you can opt for occasions or take advantage of promotions. Accessories such as the bottle and baby monitor must still be purchased in new condition for reasons of hygiene and reliability.

Of course, the goal is to save money. On the other hand, make sure that these products comply with the safety standards in force.

– Organize the baby’s room

On ultrasound, the sex of a 22 week old fetus is clearly visible. Then just use this information to start the arrangement of the room. You can choose a more suitable wall color. The choice of furniture and accessories in the room also depends on this indication. We recommend that you get help from the future dad to personalize the decoration of the place.

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