Mom and baby at 4 weeks pregnant

At 4 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus gains more volume so that the baby can settle in comfortably. This period is also marked by the formation of a mucous plug which ensures the protection of the embryo. Thus, the presence of this little being begins to upset the daily life of the mother.

The evolution of an embryo at 4 weeks of pregnancy

Compared to last week, the size of a 6 WA embryo has almost tripled. From now on, it measures between 4 to 5 mm. We also note the change of its form sinceit looks more like a small bean at this stage.

In addition, the process of formation of certain organs begins to be clearly visible. This is the case for the heart which continues to develop even if we do not yet perceive a beat. The lower and upper limbs begin to lengthen. One can also distinguish the optic vesicles and the lens of the eye which take shape a little more. The structuring of the skull and the skeleton of the face also takes place towards the 4and week of pregnancy. A small dilatation indicates the stomach, while the liver is already visible.

Since the formation of the placenta and the umbilical cord is completed, the mother can communicate with the baby through these components. It’s not over, because a neural tube announces the development of the nervous system.

Changes in the mother-to-be

For a 4 week old embryo, there is no apparent sign on the mother’s side. However, pregnancy pain may intensify. In particular, nausea, vomiting or hypersalivation. The breasts are much tighter and the nipples take on a darker color.

Vaginal secretions are much more abundant than at the beginning of pregnancy. The increase in their acidity level also strengthens the protection of the vagina against infections. Also, the urge to urinate is more and more frequent, because the embryo relies on your bladder.

Things to do at 6 weeks pregnant

When you pass the milestone of 4and week, remember to make an appointment with your gynecologist. This visit is essential to check that the fetus is well installed in the uterus. Also, it will be necessary to plan a visit to the dentist to guarantee better oral hygiene which can promote the good progress of the pregnancy.

No need to immediately think about equipment to accommodate the baby. On the other hand, already think of saving money, because certain products like the stroller or the baby carrier can be quite expensive.

Good to know

Changing the way you eat is essential from 4 weeks of pregnancy. A balanced and varied diet is then recommended without betting mainly on the quantity.. Doctors recommend weight gain at the rate of 1 kg per month. Indeed, being overweight can cause growth retardation in the baby or high blood pressure problems in the mother.

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