Motorola MBP 348 Review – Review and Price

Main advantage

With its large 5-inch color screen with night vision, you can easily keep a close eye on your child without being constantly in the same room as them when they sleep.

Main drawback

The only thing we may have to complain about with this Motorola MBP 348 is the volume of the beeps which is not adjustable.

Verdict: 9.6 / 10

Apart from a slight discomfort due to a noisy touch from the beeps it emits, this baby monitor model offers its users the assurance of always keeping an eye on the child, regardless of the level of light in which he is.

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Main Features Explained


To make the choice on the best baby monitors, design is not necessarily the first criterion to take into account when buying. A good look, however, helps tip the balance to one side or the other when the products are just as good as each other. This is why the Motorola brand has not neglected this aspect of the MBP 348 in addition to its performance.

This brand baby monitor thus presents an unpretentious and fairly soft design, but which can go very well with all types of decoration without unduly clashing. In addition, being a device resulting from the latest technological advances, a video baby monitor with a 5-inch screen is taken into account in the packaging of this baby monitor to be able to keep an eye on the child while you concentrate on your occupations. .


The functions offered are for the most part a determining factor of choice. For the Motorola MBP 348, a video baby monitor is supplied with the baby monitor. The special thing about it is that you will enjoy LCD quality and you will also be able to take advantage of a zoom function to see what is happening more closely. In addition, night vision on the device allows you to keep a clear image of your baby even at night, in total darkness.

This device is equipped, in addition to the baby monitor function, with a two-way communication function that allows you to address your child, verbally calm him down until you can join him.

Eco mode

Far from the old models of baby monitors with which you could only hear what was going on in your child’s room, the new models save you the worry by allowing you to see what is going on in the room. Indeed, the majority of current models are equipped with a camera which is connected either to a special screen or to your smartphone.

But when we turn to this type of device, it is important to take into account the autonomy of it, because it would be a shame to depend on a power outlet when the device is supposed to allow us to move around. in the House. Thus, in terms of autonomy, the Motorola MBP 48 is equipped with an “eco mode” which reduces power consumption.

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