Motorola MBP 48 review – review and price

Main advantage

For monitoring your little one, this model is designed with a large display screen. In this way, you will perceive in your field of vision more details about the events that unfold in your child’s room.

Main drawback

Some users questioned the robustness of the power cable. To handle it, you will need to be extra vigilant at the risk of damaging it.

Verdict: 9.2 / 10

This model brings you peace of mind about the safety of your baby. In addition to constant monitoring, you can also measure the temperature in his room.

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Main Features Explained


You will not only use this device to keep an eye on your child during the day. Indeed, since it also has infrared night vision, you will be able to monitor your little one at all times. This will keep you in constant contact with your child.

When it comes to monitoring, it doesn’t just end with watching. Indeed, it is also important that viewing is reinforced by listening. In this sense, this device has a baby monitor option to give you the possibility of listening in your baby’s room. Moreover, this feature allows two-way communication. In this way, you can also talk to your child using the walkie-talkie function while listening to their mobility in their room.


The events that will follow in your baby’s room will be transmitted directly to the screen of the device. Very good quality, it is placed in the category of LCD with a dimension of 5.0 ”. For more details on your monitoring, you can increase or decrease the viewing plane using its zoom option. In addition, the screen is presented with colors, not black and white, to give you more details on the events.

Monitoring a child should not stop at a viewing and listening level only, but should also be accompanied by more advanced options. These generally refer to the ability to measure the temperature in a room. Fortunately, this model comes with an ambient temperature display so you can tell if it’s too high or way too low.


To ensure a secure and reliable connection, the device is equipped with 2.4 Ghz FHSS wireless technology. Thus, the signal between the two units will not be corrupted in any way.

Equipped with an eco mode, this model considerably reduces the energy consumed by the battery. The range of this device reaches 300 meters distance. In addition, the pack includes a parent unit, a baby unit, two adapters and a user guide.

Like most others baby monitors with camera, this unit also enjoys the privilege of wireless systems. Instead of tangling you with long cables, it uses a data encryption system for the most reliable connection.

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