Novakid, the online English school for children aged 4 to 12

Are you looking for an online solution to teach your child English? Novakid offers a learning program specially designed for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Our method has been studied for children, with 25-minute online English lessons for individuals, in the form of fun exercises and educational games. Our program has been designed with gradual difficulty to ensure the child’s progress throughout the course. Our method ensures the good assimilation of lessons by the child with review exercises and regular reminders.

Our online English lessons are given by teachers who are native English speakers, all of whom hold an ESL certificate and are qualified to teach children. Learning with teachers for whom English is the native language is essential to ensure effective learning. Our method also emphasizes pedagogy and child development.

Our Novakid program meets the European standard for language proficiency. It is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the CEFR.

Why online courses?

The most interesting aspect of online English lessons is the possibility of having access to an individual teacher, who is completely dedicated to your child and his progress during his lessons. Outside of the internet, a certified teacher coming to your home to give individual lessons to your child is difficult to find and, above all, much more expensive.

Home lessons allow your child to feel comfortable and in his element during learning, he does not leave his environment and works through a medium that is attractive and arouses curiosity in him: the computer and the internet network.

Novakid online English lessons also save time for you and your child. The child evolves at his own pace, learns more quickly, with a teacher who is completely attentive to him and is not slowed down by the rest of the class.

As for you, you save considerable time by not having to regularly drop off and pick up your child from a teacher and above all you save a lot of money with a solution at a price much less expensive than classroom lessons.

Finally, distance learning protects your child from any risk of exposure to contagious diseases, a factor to consider in these times of epidemics.

Why teach English to your child?

About 80% of the world’s population speaks English, English is the most spoken language in the world, it is an essential language in the professional environment which is increasingly internationalized and linked to foreign countries. It is also a language that must be mastered in order to be enriched by world culture and to communicate with the rest of the world, which is not limited to France.

Speaking English allows you to access the entertainment of your choice, to interact with the English-speaking population, to travel abroad and to do business around the world.

If there was to be only one language to learn, it would undoubtedly be English. This language connects your child with more people and opportunities than any other. And with the popularity of the Internet, the development of new technologies and globalization, the importance of this language will only increase, hence the interest of our online english lessons.

The benefits of bilingual learning on child development

Bilingual education and its benefits on the development of the mind have been the subject of numerous in-depth studies over the past decade.

It is now accepted that teaching two languages ​​to a child facilitates his learning in other subjects.

Also, bilingual students generally perform better in math learning because they are used to managing and analyzing information in two different languages.

Bilingual learning will also train your child to memorize and use a rich and varied vocabulary and will give him some perspective on the meaning of expressions and formulas.

Researchers have found that bilingual students not only perform better in school, but generally do better later in higher education than monolingual students.

Through our online English courses, we give your child the opportunity to start learning English very early, from the age of 4 and up to the age of 12. The opportunity to give him the benefit of the mental development that exposure to a foreign language brings during childhood. So don’t hesitate any longer, Novakid is the ideal solution for learning English online.

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