Philips Avent SCD580 / 00 review – test and price

Main advantage:

Thanks to the innovative DECT technology, the sound of this baby monitor is of very good quality and allows you to hear all the noises including the smallest details so that you don’t miss a thing.

Main disadvantage:

The lullaby melody included in this device is not suitable for all parents, as some find it a bit abrupt to be able to put a baby to sleep.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

The different features that come with it will help you decide whether to make this Philips Avent SCD580 / 00 a means of communication with your little one.

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Main Features Explained


When you’re busy when your baby is bored and starts to cry, it can sometimes be difficult to immediately stop whatever is being done to visit him. Philips AVENT is aware of this parameter and that is why it has put innovative features in the SCD580 / 00 model to calm baby and child. First of all, this device has a projector. This activated projector sends stars and various other figures to the ceiling.

These elements of all shapes and colors will attract his attention and reassure him. Secondly, it is also possible to send a song of your choice using the MP3 socket when the time comes. If there is a song that is recognized for its effectiveness with your child, you can put it among your selection of lullabies to put your little one to sleep.

Good quality

Already, the Philips brand inspires confidence in parents thanks to the performance of the products contained in its Philips Avent range, including this model of baby monitor. Also, the distance that there can be between the two devices that make up this baby monitor is 50 meters outdoors, and extends up to 330 meters if they are outdoors.

Regarding the sound, no interference will disturb the communication, since it includes the new DECT technology. This technology visible in all baby monitors of the same brand reduces transmissions in the vicinity by 60%. You will then be able to speak and hear your little one correctly. A mode called Smart ECO operates the device while saving energy.


In addition to the ordinary functions expected of a baby monitor, the Philips Avent SCD580 / 00 stands out with the following features. It gives the temperature and humidity level in the child’s room on the parent unit. You will then always be informed so that you can adjust the temperature to what you need and when a designated average threshold is exceeded, the device alerts you.

The volume of the sounds is also displayed by indicator lights. And when you want to talk, just press to activate the “Answer baby” function. The easy installation only requires compliance with the maximum range and if the range is ever exceeded, an alarm informs like the alert for the need for recharging. All this without forgetting that the baby unit works with batteries and the parent unit is to be charged.

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