The 3 Best Baby Closet Holders of 2022

Baby Closet Holders – Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests

Once your infant starts rummaging through your closets, you will definitely need a baby closet locker to protect her from possible injuries. This equipment therefore aims to secure both your little one and your items. There are several prototypes on the market. So as not to miss your investment, here is a buying guide to help you know how to choose the best baby closet hangers of 2022. In this context, it is important to collect certain information on the main criteria to remember, including practicality. , adhesive efficiency and design. We have also drawn up a comparison of the most popular products. First, iHomy Set of 6 Locks stands out for its adjustable length. This makes its use functional. L’iZoel Sliding Window Lock also has the advantage of being easy to install. You will not do any drilling or screwing.

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The 3 Best Baby Closet Holders (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

1.iHomy Block Baby Door Safety Lock

Before buying a baby closet locker, you have to see if it is practical or not. This model has the advantage of being functional thanks to its adjustable length. Indeed, it can be adjusted from 8 to 18 cm. You can use it on various sizes of furniture and various closures, including cabinets, windows, ovens, garbage cans or the dishwasher. Your children will no longer have access to things that could constitute a danger. It is also a pack of 6 pieces that you can use on different objects.

Easy to install, just stick it on a clean surface. You must then wait a day before using it so that the device is properly glued. Made with ABS and PE, this equipment is durable. It is not likely to deteriorate in a short time. You can therefore use it for the long term.

If you don’t know where to buy the best baby closet hanger, you can go for this model from iHomy which promises you practical and versatile use.

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Adjustable length: You can adjust the length of this item from 8 to 18 cm. It therefore adapts to various kinds of drawers or cupboards.

6 pieces: Very practical, this pack of 6 units allows you to secure a large number of pieces of furniture.

The cons

Expectation: Based on buyers’ test, it would take 24 hours for this item to be ready to use.

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2.iZoeL Sliding Window Lock Door Lock

What is the best baby closet hanger on the market ? Several users will recommend this model to you. It stands out for its ease of installation. Indeed, you are not forced to make holes or screwings since you only have to glue it on the surface to be locked. Very practical, it can be placed on glass, mirror or wood. Thanks to its adhesive strength, safety will be optimal and your young children will not risk injuring themselves.

Easy to use, just fold the wings to close and make them flat to open. In addition, this baby sliding closet hanger has been designed with ABS. Therefore, it is very solid. He can therefore accompany you for a long time. On the aesthetic side, it will not be able to spoil the appearance of your windows and cupboards given its transparent and not too imposing design.

It is no surprise that we find this model in this ranking of the best products since it comes from the best brand of baby cupboard locks. This model has rightly received many stars in customer reviews for its ease of installation and adhesive strength.

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Convenient to install: You do not need to screw or drill to secure this item. A simple gluing on the surface or the piece of furniture to be blocked is enough.

Efficient: Having great adhesive force, your children will not be able to easily unstuck your sliding door or closet.

The cons

Brittle : According to the reviews users, this article would not be so solid. More energetic children could easily break it.

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3. Nakeey Latches Baby Safety Lock

This inexpensive item would be the best baby closet hanger due to its versatility. It is indeed a lot of 8 pieces. As a result, you can use it on the various cupboards in your house. In addition, it can be affixed to various equipment, including cabinets, drawers, ovens or even windows. Your children will not have access to dangerous objects contained in your storage.

With 3M adhesive, this product sticks immediately to the surface without having to make holes or screw connections. It does not damage your furniture during its installation and dismantling. Very practical, this copy has an adjustable length. You will therefore be able to adapt it to the size of the thing to be locked. It is also made with non-toxic and durable plastic. It supports you over the long term.

For those who do not yet know which baby closet holder to choose, why not take the time to dwell on this model from Nakeey? Not only is it recognized by many as the best performing baby closet locker, it is also the cheapest of its competitors.

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Versatile: For those who have been able to compare this product to others, you will notice that this item can be placed on various equipment including cabinets, cupboards, ovens or doors and windows. This will give you peace of mind even if your child is walking around your house.

Adjustable length: You will have the opportunity to adapt the length of this product to the dimensions of the things to be locked. So you will have no trouble using it.

The cons

Glue: Once disassembled, this item will no longer stick to the surface.

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Purchase guide

The closet stopper is an essential piece of equipment both to secure your children and to protect the objects you store in the drawers. The ideal is to opt for a high-tech model with an opening system that offers maximum comfort. The installation does not in principle require drilling the furniture, you just need to place the locks and you’re done.


There is hardly any home without cupboards. And when you really think about it, you put away a lot of things that you can easily find afterwards. But most of the time, they can contain objects or products that are dangerous for children. And fairly sturdy toddlers easily manage to open them. All parents must therefore take precautions while avoiding overly drastic measures, such as preventing the little one from wandering around the house as he wants. And in terms of security, the cupboard blocker remains one of the imperative aids that must absolutely be obtained.

Know that there are selection criteria in this area, to strengthen the protection of your children. For this, you can either refer to the buying guide for the best baby closet hangers or ask some experienced users for advice on the subject. The main advantage of this accessory is its simplicity and adhesive capacity.

Adhesive efficiency

On the question of: how to buy a better value baby closet stopper, you need to check the effectiveness of its adhesive mechanism. We are often surprised at how strong your child is. Also take the time to test the item before you get it. There are varieties intended for furniture without and with a handle. Others have a flexible locking system and are suitable for both, with a height adjustment mode. And in this case, why not opt ​​for a model with a push button?

Be careful, however, as some children have very high intelligence and easily remember how to remove this safety device. Most closet hangers are made from heavy duty plastic. It is however possible to find references in steel with a magnetic opening system which is placed inside the cabinet.


No matter where to buy a new baby closet hanger, there is no shortage of choice. Indeed, several models that are as safe as they are easy to install exist. It is up to the parents to select the specimen that suits them, whether it is the one that is magnetic or the one with an exterior locking system.

Nevertheless, the zipper references remain the most popular. They are adjustable according to the size of the furniture and can also be used for other furniture such as the drawer. Moreover, they do not contrast with the design of the latter with a little touch of style. In this sense, the tariff also can vary hence it is better to use a price comparison to facilitate the task. You will be able to find a specimen that will fit into your budget.

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