The 3 Best Wooden Bed Rails of 2022

Wooden bed rails – Buying guide, Rating and Tests

When you have a baby at home, you have to think of everything to ensure their safety. This mainly involves equipping yourself with various childcare equipment. Thus, the bed rail is one of the essential elements for your child’s room. It will protect it from falls and accidents. As it is an accessory intended to protect the health of your fragile little one, it is important to choose a quality model. The practical side should not be overlooked either. Its dimensions must also adapt perfectly to the bed to which the accessory will be attached. Since there are several great items on the market, here is a buying guide to help you find the best wooden bed rail: go for the brand’s toddler bed rail Pinolino for its practicality or the white wooden bed rail from BabyDan for a larger size to ensure more safety.

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The 3 Best Wooden Bed Rails (Reviews & Tests) of 2022

1. Pinolino Barrier for Cot Nature

If you don’t know where to buy the best wooden bed rail, turn to this brand. Well known in the childcare industry, Pinolino rarely disappoints parents. This time, the firm is living up to its reputation by offering us a quality bed rail. Measuring 120 cm long and 40 cm high, this equipment adapts well to the standard dimensions of baby cots. If you opt for this model, you will have no assembly to perform, because it is already assembled at the time of delivery.

Made from good quality solid wood which gives it a good durability rating, this gate is the perfect choice if you have slatted beds. The design is well done and the finish is flawless. The quality will thus satisfy the most difficult parents.

For the

Its dimensions: This bed rail is tall and tall enough that your child cannot tip over. By choosing this model, there is no risk that your baby will fall during his sleep.

Ergonomic : Its height has also been well thought out so as not to be in your way if you want to give your toddler a kiss before sleeping.

The cons

Its simplicity: The current trend is to use bed rails both as safety accessories and to adorn your child’s furniture. However, we see here that the decorative aspect is not the main concern of the brand.

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2. BabyDan Wooden Bed Rail

If in answer to the question of what is the best wooden bed rail on the market, the aesthetic aspect is a very important criterion for you, do not hesitate to opt for this white wooden bed rail of the BabyDan brand. This model is perfect if you have a child aged 18 months to 5 years. Measuring 90 x 30 x 50 cm, this model fits standard children’s beds. In principle, the piece of furniture that it must equip must be between 140 and 220 cm long and 70 to 90 cm wide.

On the practical side, this removable barrier is easily transported. However, it is not very complicated to install. As for the fixings, they are done using the straps. This model is also equipped with rails which can be completely detached from the clips if necessary to make the job easier for the parent.

For the

Design : This BabyDan bed rail has a very attractive design. The workmanship is simply excellent and the white color matches any type of interior design.

Ideal : It is difficult to find the most efficient variation. In this ranking, this bed rail is one of the most attractive, if we judge on the aesthetic side.

The cons

Small size : Even if the strength of this barrier suggests that it can ensure optimal safety for your child, it must be said that its size is much smaller compared to other models. It is therefore not really recommended for a large bed.

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3. Childwood Bed Fall Guard

If you are unsure of how to choose the best wooden bed rails of 2022, consider this inexpensive series. from the Childwood brand which perfectly performs the essential function of this type of equipment. Measuring 120 x 32.5 x 40 cm for a weight of 4 kg, this protective grid is easily installed. You just need to place it under the mattress. You will just have to respect a length of at least 140 cm for your child’s bed.

Technically, this model was made of solid wood of excellent quality. It is therefore unlikely to change over the years. Once installed, it remains quite stable. On the finish side, this barrier is aesthetic. Plus, you can go for different colors if that’s ultimately your final choice.

For the

Ease of assembly: Considered as the best brand of wooden bed rails, it’s the perfect choice if you don’t want to worry too much about installation. Indeed, it is a very simple model. The barrier is quite solid.

Convenient : Practical, it slips between the box spring and the mattress to secure your child.

The cons

Security : Since the gate has no fasteners when opened, it can be folded up when the child leans on it.

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Purchase guide

The wooden bed rail is according to some parents much safer in terms of sturdiness. It doesn’t wobble and fits quite easily with most bed designs and bedroom paintings. Only, as there are countless numbers on the web, we have written this article to explain how to buy a wooden bed rail that is better value for money.


The wooden bed rail comes in several sizes just like cribs. This criterion is essentially based on the age of the child. Except that today, parents prefer to afford the evolutionary models that accompany baby in his growth. And the designers strive to do the same. As for the part to slide under the bed, be aware that it should be almost the same length and width (if not 10 cm shorter) as the barrier itself.

Make sure that your purchase is compatible with your child’s bed. Take the dimensions if necessary so as not to go wrong. The models adjustable in length and height are a delight for parents, as well as those called universal, suitable for any child’s bed.

Easy to assemble and use

Most of the models in our buying guide for the best wood bed rails have hinges on the corners so the user can easily fold and store them. Wooden bed rails generally have a base to be inserted between the box spring and the mattress. Fasteners placed on it are then used to fix it firmly on the bed base so that it does not wobble.

For parents, the best is to find a model capable of tilting or lowering when making the bed. Take an item that doesn’t require your little one to yell at you every time he has to get out of bed in the morning, so one that gives him more autonomy.


Builders generally choose solid wood to ensure the quality of their bed rail. It can be beech, rocco, pine, in short, the choice is not lacking. The main thing is that the material does not cause an allergic reaction in baby, whether varnished or lacquered.

The wood will also have to be tough to the test of time and your child’s comings and goings. Especially since children are often rowdy and make life difficult with this kind of accessory. Then take a barrier that your little monster will be able to manhandle from its 1 year and a half until its 6 years old without showing the slightest wrinkle.

Closing system

In a price comparison to find where to buy a new wooden bed rail, we recommend that you pay special attention to the closure system. Most of the wooden versions can be folded in or out, depending on the case.

It is much more reassuring for baby during his first months until his 3 years, because he is not likely to come to the end of the locking mechanism while exploring it. When the little one has grown, around its 4, 5 years old, we will only need the barrier for its hours of sleep.

We hope these tips have helped you to see more clearly and choose the best bed rail for your child.

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