The benefits of outdoor activities for a child

Playing is an activity that all children should do for the proper development of their motor skills, but also of their intellectual capacity. Playing isn’t just about having fun. It also aims to learn, grow and bond with friends. Outdoor play is more than recommended by child psychologists and pediatricians. Let’s find out why.

Outdoor play to develop motor skills and physical strength

The first benefit of playing outdoors, in the middle of nature, is that it strengthens children’s motor skills. Running in the yard or in the grass, shouting, jumping, catching butterflies, jumping rope, etc., all this allows children to strengthen their arms, their legs and move their whole body. It’s a bit like playing sports, but for hours. And we all know how good it is for our body to do sports. This keeps you fit and healthy.

Being constantly on the move wastes energy. Children have a lot of them, only they have to be channeled. Playing outdoors allows that. In the courtyard, the garden or in the parks, the space is large and is enough for everyone to spend energy as much as they want.

Playing outdoors is also recommended for children who are overweight, so that they can burn calories while playing and having fun.

Outdoor play to bond

When children play outdoors, they often meet other toddlers who befriend them. Children are not difficult. They just have to approach each other, sit together on a garden furniture for example, to establish links. And playing together reinforces that.

Children also need a social life to grow. They have to learn to manage their emotions, face new challenges, and if you don’t let them go outside to play, they’ll never know that. It is recommended that children be introduced to a life outside of home and school.

Outdoor play to develop imagination and sharpen creativity

Nature often encourages children to imagine, create new things and to blossom in their passion. You just have to see them building cabins or even castles to realize that if there is a place where they can let their imagination run wild, it’s outside. Children adapt easily. They can use anything, absolutely anything to create something.

Role-playing games are also very frequent and it is outside and with friends that they can carry them out. Some will be doctors, others superheroes. Their creativity is inexhaustible. These outdoor activities will allow them to develop their ability to live with others, to meet new challenges and to solve problems.

Outdoor play to build self-confidence

When children play at home, they can have fun, but only and always in the family setting. To stay indoors is to stay in their comfort zone, in a place where they are used to being. Once outside, the world opens up to them. They come out of the family cocoon, and are about to live new adventures, perhaps with new friends. And it develops their self-confidence.

They are a bit on their own, they have to make decisions, solve problems, stay on their own, because the parents are not there. However, all these aptitudes, they must acquire them. It is by going outside to play that they can learn independence.

Games that are played outside are also often risky games. Children will be aware of what they are capable of doing, without adult intervention. Skateboarding is a perfect example for this. As all friends do, we would also like to try it. And it’s already a big step to develop self-confidence and independence. Indeed, when we take risks, we also try to control your fear.

Playing outside to boost the immune system

Children who play outside are constantly exposed to all kinds of bacteria and parasites, unlike those who stay in the comfort of their home. However, the fact that they are in direct contact with these microorganisms naturally boosts their immune system and reduces the risk of certain diseases and even allergies.

On top of that, they are also exposed to the sun which is an unchanging source of vitamin D? And how much they need it for their growth. For example, encourage them to do some gardening with kits for children. Not only will this allow them to reconnect with the land, but it will make them happy and healthy.

Play outside to better understand the environment

It is important to teach children the importance of the environment from an early age. And it is by taking them outside that we can do this, for example by encouraging them to walk on a child’s bike because these vehicles do not emit CO2. In this way, you gradually make them understand that it is good to respect nature and the environment that surrounds us.

By playing outside, they will also make discoveries about animals that they did not know, for example. They will learn to love nature and enjoy going out and playing outside. Even when they grow up, they will stay that way.

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