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Protective helmets for babies – buying guide, rating and testing in 2022

To ensure the safety of their child, all parents owe it to themselves to find the best protective helmet for babies. This accessory will be the guarantee of your peace of mind if you ever have to turn your back for a while and no longer have your eye on your little one. However, there are a few important criteria that you will need to pay attention to when making the selection. Here we are talking about the padding, straps and materials used in the design of the product in question. Once you have set your conditions for this, you will know which infant protective helmet to choose. And in order to find it, we present you the following comparison. In this classification, we will list three of the most recommended specimens of the moment whose Babysun 3807003, appreciated for the interior comfort provided by its micro-perforated polyolefin foam. L’ELENKER Adjustable meanwhile is valued for its versatility, as it is suitable for toddlers from 8 to 60 months.

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Babysun 3807003

If you are still only young parents, it will certainly be difficult for you to answer the question of how to choose the best baby protective helmets of 2022. The first point that you will need to ensure in this regard is the comfort of your child. On this product, Babysun has endeavored to offer optimal well-being to your little one.

So that your little one can feel perfectly at ease in his new equipment, it has been padded inside with a micro-perforated polyolefin foam. Thanks to this, the contact with the head of your toddler will be soft, but also, the shock absorption will be at its maximum.

Versatility side, this article was intended for newborns from 8 to 20 months. In this sense, an adjustment device has been integrated so that you can adapt this accessory to the size of your cherub’s head.

For the

Quality materials: the micro-perforated polyolefin foam which constitutes the interior of this helmet has a dual role. It brings comfort to your child while ensuring optimal protection.

Adjustable: this model is adjustable according to the circumference of the head of your little one. Thanks to this, it will neither be too wide nor too narrow.

Stable: this item has a clip under the chin which allows the accessory to be immobilized.

The cons

Keeps warm: after a few hours of wearing it, the child begins to sweat.

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ELENKER Adjustable

If you are looking for the best brand of baby protective helmets, ELENKER might be right for you. The brand has indeed been able to satisfy a large number of consumers thanks to its quality products that are both practical and stylish.

This adjustable model, for its part, is appreciated primarily for its unisex character. Its gray color is suitable for both little boys and girls. Second, the perforations in this article allow better ventilation inside the accessory. However, this will not prevent your child from sweating at some point, according to a few parents.

Regarding the design materials, the special mesh filling guarantees optimum shock absorption and good air permeability. This component is safe for the child, because it is non-toxic.

Lightweight, your little one will have no trouble getting to know this specimen. He can wear it for as long as he wants without feeling any discomfort.

For the

Sanitary and efficient: in order to ensure the well-being of your baby while providing him with the best possible protection, ELENKER has equipped this article with a special mesh filling which perfectly absorbs shocks and which is not harmful.

Adjustable: As long as your little one is around 8 to 60 months old, this product will be able to keep him safe. It adjusts between 43 and 53 cm head circumference.

The cons

Retains heat: despite the perforations, the temperature remains at its peak at one point.

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Newcomdigi Adjustable orange shockproof

Even if this article is not the cheapest that can be found on the market, it at least has the merit of fulfilling its role. If one were to compare it to other products, the first advantage that one could derive from it would be its cotton composition. This material is appreciated for its softness and absorbency. It is also light to prevent your child from carrying a load that is too heavy for them.

The second point that should convince you to buy this product is its ease of use. It fits easily on your little one’s head and its maintenance mode is also simple. In particular, you may want to consider machine washing.

On the safety side, all strategic points have reinforced padding to better absorb shocks. You will no longer fear anything for your daredevil. Enough to allow you to indulge in other activities while monitoring.

For the

Comfortable and sanitary materials: to find the right product, seek advice on the ideal components from the seller where buying the best infant protective helmet is a good alternative. This has been designed in cotton to ensure safe use for your child.

Handling : this item is easy to put on and take off. To ensure its hygiene, you can send it to the washing machine.

The cons

Compatibility issue: according to some parents, this model would not be suitable for infants of 8 months.

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How to choose a good protective baby helmet?

From the moment your baby is able to move around on his own, it is important to protect him from various falls that can occur throughout the day. This is why manufacturers have made protective baby helmets available to consumers. They can be used by toddlers from 7 months to 3 years old. So want to acquire this kind of equipment? The following selection criteria will guide you in its acquisition.

Purchase guide


On the market, protective helmets for babies exist in several dimensions. Before knowing where to buy a new baby protective helmet, consider the advice that affects this criterion. This ensures the comfort of the child when wearing it.

The size of your product should conform to the circumference of your baby’s head. In order for him to be comfortable putting it on, it is recommended to choose a model that is neither too big nor too small for him. Indeed, an example which will be larger than its head can be annoying to him while one which is more tight will compress its face.

The materials

In this buying guide for the best baby protective helmets, it is advisable to take a close look at the quality of the materials that make up your future purchase. This parameter aims to know in advance whether your equipment combines hygiene, safety and well-being.

The majority of existing models on the market are designed with polyurethane foams covered with fabric or PVC imitation leather. To ensure the safety of your infant, make sure that the foam is thick to cushion falls. Likewise, it should be checked whether it offers more breathability for the comfort of the little one. Even better, selecting a fabric that limits the growth of bacteria and microbes will be a good option.

The straps and their adjustability

To learn how to buy a better value baby helmet, it is essential to examine the straps on the helmet. The best is that they are adjustable to permanently adapt to the head of the little one.

Ties are essential so that your device will always stay in place even in the event of a fall. The fact that they are adjustable allows you to conform them well to your child’s head without running the risk of them coming off during the day. However, make sure that the material of the straps does not scratch your infant’s skin.


Before consulting a price comparison, don’t forget to stop your attention on the design of your baby protective helmet. This characteristic concerns the aesthetic side and the ergonomics of your device. Aesthetically, it is more appropriate to choose a model with patterns and colors that your child likes. Therefore, he will have no trouble wearing it.

As for the practicality of its structure, you can opt for the cap-shaped copies. They can protect your cherub from sunburn. You also have the possibility of adopting the prototypes with visor to avoid frontal and nasal shocks.

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