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Sumnacon 3 meters

The Sumnacon 3 meters has been designed with a good length. Thanks to this, you can fix it to a fairly wide access, such as stairs, railings or balconies. This will protect your child from possible falls that could occur in your absence.

In addition, this equipment was made of plastic. This material offers both great strength and perfect safety. You will then have no fear to worry about the longevity of the specimen. Also, it allows your little one not to hurt himself if he bumps into it. In addition, this article which results from a modernized design can very well replace your old metal or wooden protections.

The Sumnacon 3 meters is an easy to install net that does not require any special tools. Indeed, you just have to attach the accessory all along your staircase, your barrier or your balcony using its self-locking strips. These aids are of course provided in the package, and even with easy assembly, this item is more than safe for your children.

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RRSP 71743

If you are looking for a model of safety net from a good brand, we advise you to opt for this model. REER is a German brand that focuses on the safety of toddlers, with 90 years of experience. All its products are tested beforehand and meet the quality standards in force.

Also, this item attaches with 24 links and 6 screw rings. This design guarantees you perfect safety when using it and keeps your cherub away from possible falls. This long protective net will also prevent your little one from throwing or throwing his toys over your balcony. This will avoid injuring anyone who might pass under the stairs.

Having been designed from 100% polyester, the REER 71743 is a model of incomparable strength and good weather resistance. Thanks to this construction material, you will have no fear that it can tear easily. You also won’t have to worry about its longevity, even if you leave it on the balcony during the rainy season.

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SINOTOP in mesh

With dimensions of 300 x 80 cm, the SINOTOP is one of the longest balcony protection nets on the market. In addition to its size, this model is also the cheapest in our comparison. These are two criteria that should not be ignored when choosing this product. An article which presents a good quality-price ratio is indeed very appreciated.

In addition, this equipment is delivered with self-locking plastic fasteners. These accessories make it possible to secure the fixing of the net on your balcony, your stairs or your railing. Therefore, it will prevent your child from falling, if he plays near these places. In addition, it has been designed with a special fabric to be particularly strong. It is weather resistant, so you can place it inside or outside your home.

In addition, this model is a protective net of the simplest to install. Indeed, you just need to tie its bands on the length of your balcony or your stairs for it to do its job. With this product, you will be able to prevent your child from throwing or throwing their shoes, toys or other things over the balcony or down the stairs. It will also protect anyone passing under these areas.

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What are the best balcony protection nets of 2022?

When kids start walking on their own, they want to explore every corner of the house. When they have made the tour of their room and all the surrounding rooms, it happens that they even venture without any fear, on the stairs or on the balconies. This is why it is imperative to install protective nets.

A child is very dynamic and can even spend the day playing and roaming the entire house. Most importantly, he doesn’t choose where to put his feet, because all the parts are good for an inspection. Stairs, balconies, windows are just examples. However, as they say, prevention is better than cure. It is therefore more prudent to block these risky accesses by installing protective nets.

Indeed, this precaution will keep your little one from all possible dangers. Therefore, the purchase of this safety accessory must be done with great care. This is why we advise you to base your selection above all on the type of net, its material of manufacture and its practicality.

For the first criterion, we suggest that you bet your choice on a product that has the best attachment tool. That is to say, a model that has fixing straps, tie-wraps or screw cables, to reinforce the safety of your child. It is also important to know its length as well as the number of bindings it offers. This will let you know where to put it when you get home.

When it comes to the material of the protective net, there are polyester, plastics and many more. Each production has its own characteristic, its strengths, but also its drawbacks. But the choice depends on the user as well as on the access on which the product will be placed.

Finally, when we talk about practicality, we especially insist on its ease of use. However, it is important to know if the safety net installs easily. It is thanks to this characteristic that you will be able to judge whether this or that article is effective and convenient or not. Of course, even with simple assembly, you still have to make sure that the product is safe, for the good of your child.

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