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Children’s bicycle helmets – Buying guide, Ranking and Tests in 2022

The risks of falls in children who ride a bicycle should not be neglected. To avoid serious head injuries, it is essential for your little ones to put on a bicycle helmet. On the other hand, the purchase of this material is not easy for all parents. If this is your case too, you will need to consider size and fit, safety and design as purchasing criteria. Otherwise, we recommend that you read our comparison to find the product that suits you faster. We have selected the C-Preme Limited Unicorn, since it meets security requirements. Its internal shell is made with a material that has the ability to properly absorb shocks. the Stamp Disney Minnie can also satisfy you, because it is possible to adjust its head size by using its dial.

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C-Preme Limited Unicorn

It is often difficult to know how to choose the best children’s cycling helmets of 2022. It is to help you remedy this that we have chosen this model. During its construction, the manufacturer associated safety technology with the Rad toy-inspired characters. This set guarantees maximum safety in the use of this material. Besides, the design of this item has received ASTM and SPSC certifications.

It is a 3D molded device that features aerodynamic cutouts. This technique enhances comfort in use. It provides good ventilation so that your child does not get too hot with each use. As for the inner shell, this part is made of EPS. The latter is a material highly recommended for its ability to absorb any falls for optimal protection.

The chin strap which is integrated on this accessory can be easily adjusted. You can adjust it between 50 and 54 cm to ensure the comfort of your child. And let’s not forget to point out that it was designed in the shape of a unicorn, to please your children.

For the

Quality: Finding the best brand of children’s bicycle helmets is not always easy. On the other hand, the design of this product, considered by many to be the most efficient, complies with safety requirements. So, it can ensure the protection of your child every time they wear it.

Comfortable : This article is at the top of the ranking thanks to its construction which meets users’ expectations. It easily adapts to the head of your offspring and can simply be adjusted when needed.

The cons

Small : Parents who took the time to compare this helmet to other models say it would be quite small. Therefore, their children cannot use it for years.

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Stamp Disney Minnie

When you plan to acquire this kind of accessory, it is important to define which is the best children’s bicycle helmet on the market. To answer it, you can look at this model from the Stamp brand. This is a 2-year-old children’s bicycle helmet suitable for a head circumference between 53 and 56 cm.

It is an inexpensive device that is made with sturdy plastic and polystyrene. The association of these materials offers a beautiful visual rendering. You may also be satisfied with the design of this product if you are demanding regarding the safety of your offspring. Indeed, it protects the latter from the risk of injury if he ever falls.

Parents also appreciate this equipment since the head circumference can be easily adjusted. Your little girl will have no trouble adjusting it before getting on her bike. The weight of this article is well balanced so that the use is not restrictive. And the icing on the cake, its Minnie design adds a very playful side to the helmet.

For the

Secured : This accessory can match your needs if you want to know where to buy the best kid’s bike helmet. It was designed to effectively protect your child in the event of an accident.

Convenient : This product is less expensive compared to other models in its category, on the other hand it is equipped with a dial which simplifies the adjustment. It is also particularly light and does not cause any unpleasant sensations.

The cons

Incomplete : According to users’ opinions, they find it unfortunate that this device is not designed with a chin bar and a visor.

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Bell tater

Maybe you’re having trouble finding the best kid’s bike helmet? If you don’t want to waste time then focus on this template. Its shell is made using the Microshell Fusion In-Mold system. This allows this material to properly absorb shocks to best protect your child.

This Bell children’s bike helmet has 7 vents which are very useful for optimizing air circulation inside. The mesh integrated in this device also prevents the penetration of insects into the helmet for safe use. To protect the user, the manufacturer has also equipped this article with a tightening buckle.

The acquisition of this material is very advantageous, as it is designed with a universal size. You don’t have to worry about it not being suitable for your little one. Faced with its total weight of 295 g, this accessory is not at all heavy. In addition, its design in milkshake pink suggests that it will especially please little girls.

For the

Reliability: If you are still hesitating asking yourself which child bike helmet to choose, then this product is for you. The design of this item increases the protection of your child when riding their bike.

Convenient : The test carried out on this product shows that it offers real comfort to the user. It has vents to optimize air circulation. The fit of the helmet is also very simple.

The cons

Not very functional: Despite positive reviews for this product, some customers have complained that the device does not fit properly on their child’s head.

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How to choose a good children’s bicycle helmet?

According to some recent statistics, your child was 3 times more likely to be hit in the head as a result of a fall from a bicycle. And everyone knows that this kind of accident can quickly turn into disaster. So to guard against any danger, it is important to find a suitable bicycle helmet. In this article, you will find out how to buy a better value children’s bicycle helmet.

Purchase guide

Size / fit

For those who have never had to buy a bicycle helmet for their children, know that the device must reach the base of the neck from the forehead and cover the temples. It should also be adjusted as closely as possible to the head, so neither too wide nor too tight. The try-on is therefore imperative. However, when the time comes to announce a size to the seller, not everyone can necessarily guess the right one with a snap of their fingers. To avoid being caught off guard, measure the maximum circumference of your little one’s head, that is, starting a few inches from the eyebrows and at the level of the bump at the back of the head. Help yourself to a size guide. There are smaller and smaller helmets on the market, even for 9 month olds.

In terms of tightening, we often prefer items with a dial at the back and adjustable straps at the chin bar, which are also found on the evolutionary models, which the blond heads can adjust themselves. without parental help with a little practice.


Surely the first sign of safety in any piece of buying guide for the best children’s bicycle helmets you will find is the chin protection. Not all models have it, so pay attention. This component reduces the risk of pinching.

Then examine the interior. It is generally padded with foam and carries CE approval, proof that it meets common European standards and that it has been tested and approved.

The weight of the device also comes into play in this same context. At this level, it will be necessary to be extra careful, because a too heavy copy will have repercussions on its growth, while another a little too light raises questions about its reliability.

The fact that the helmet is well ventilated and promotes air circulation leads to the comfort and well-being of the child.


Specialists recommend taking a helmet with a visor. If your child does happen to fall forward or bump into something straight up, that last one will take the whole hit. Which will save him from being disfigured.

Likewise for items with nets at the openings that will protect the blond head from the bites of mosquitoes and other small animals. It is also found in any price comparison.

The brands besides the security parameters also work a lot on the look and the aesthetics of their creations. We thus find a wide range of helmets with multiple colors and interesting patterns likely to appeal to all age groups.

And remember that the more Baby loves his helmet, the less he will want to go without. With all these tips, all you have to do is think about where to buy a new children’s bicycle helmet.

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