The best kid’s motocross helmet

Children’s motocross helmets – Buying guide, Ranking and Tests in 2022

Motocross helmets for children are very useful to protect them against possible accidents that can occur during the road. If you want to buy some A, you first need to know how to choose the best kids motocross helmets of 2022. In this context, you will need to consider some points including size and fit, design as well as safety. We have also drawn up a comparison to help you make your selection. The model that most attracted the public is theYEMA YM-211. Full type, it provides optimal protection for your baby. His head, neck and chin will be well protected. the protectWEAR V310-RT, meanwhile, is very comfortable. It is lightweight and has a removable and washable liner.

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If you are wondering which is the best kid’s motocross helmet on the market, this article may meet your needs. Complies with the ECE22.05 standard, it guarantees great protection for your child. In addition, it is of the integral type. As a result, it is suitable for securing the head, neck and chin of its user as well. Equipped with an ABS shell, this example is also solid. The fact of seeing it break quickly is not the rendezvous. Your little one can use it for the long haul.

Ergonomic, this equipment is fitted with a ventilation system. Indeed, it allows a flow of air to pass inside. Your child will therefore be able to stay cool and very comfortable during his journey. It is also easy to maintain with its removable liner. You can wash it without any problem.

How do you know where to buy the best kids’ motocross helmet? Do not hesitate to compare the offers in the market and get interested in a product like this one. He precisely masters his role of protection to reassure both the child and his parents.

For the

Safe: Integral type and compliant with the standard ECE 22.05, this article guarantees great safety for your child. It absorbs the shocks that can occur on the road.

Ergonomic: The ventilation system of this equipment allows your infant to stay cool during the entire trip. It will be very comfortable and that, even when wearing it for hours.

The cons

Weight : For some children, this item would be a bit heavy.

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protectWEAR V310-RT

This copy would be the best children’s motocross helmet given its ergonomic side. Precisely, it has a removable liner. You can therefore remove it and wash it to be able to use it hygienically. This article also offers good ventilation. The little pilot is not likely to get too hot, even if he had to wear it for hours. Its low weight of 1.2 kg does not weigh down the child and allows him to stay sheltered throughout the activity.

Complying with the standard ECE 22.05, this equipment can optimally protect its user. There is no risk of injuring his head in the event of an accident. On the aesthetic level, this model displays a sporty look and suitable for all tastes. Its appearance in red and gray suits both boys and girls.

Wondering which kid’s motocross helmet to choose? According to users’ opinions, this product would be the most efficient. It is both comfortable and secure.

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Easy to carry : This item weighs only 1.2 kg. Therefore, it is not heavy and can be carried easily. It also gives your little one good ventilation so that they are comfortable.

Protection: Safe, this copy is adapted to the standard ECE 22.05. He will know how to effectively protect your baby’s head.

The cons

Cut : According to the user test done, this article would be a bit big for some kids.

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Leopard LEO-X16

This cheap item has the advantage of adjusting well to the size of your child. Indeed, it has an adjustable chin belt. Very practical, there is no risk of it getting out of your child’s head during the course. Thus, its security will always be assured.

Compliant with ECE 22-07 standards, this equipment provides a high level of protection for your little one. With its injected ABS shell, it is resistant. It will not be able to be damaged in a short time. In addition, it will be able to absorb the various shocks that may occur there.

This copy also promises a comfortable use because of its rear outlet ventilation. As a result, the interior will be well ventilated and your baby will feel very comfortable. You will also have no problem maintaining it because of its removable and washable liner.

Leopard is rated by many parents as the best brand of kids’ motocross helmets. Compared to other models, its prototype LEO-X16 is not only the cheapest but also premium in practicality.

For the

Adjustable: With the help of its adjustable chin belt, this item can adapt very well to the contour of your child’s head. It will therefore stay in place during the journey.

Rigid: Equipped with an ABS shell, this equipment is solid and resistant. He can accompany you in good condition over the long term.

The cons

Cut : The only downside of this model is its size a bit small.

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How to choose a good children’s motocross helmet?

There are many reasons why parents want their children to put on helmets that they won’t take off while they ride and ride motocross. We can even say that it goes without saying. A fall could cause serious consequences. This often leaves them wondering where to buy a new kids’ motocross helmet. This is why choosing it from a buying guide for the best children’s motocross helmets requires a minimum of care and precaution.

Purchase guide

Size / fit

A motocross helmet should be as fair as possible. If, once the dial is closed, the helmet slides a few centimeters from left to right or up and down, it means that it is still too wide. Do not take a model that would squeeze him to the point of leaving marks on his temples. This will hamper his blood flow and interfere with his driving.

For parents whose children wear glasses, be careful that the branches do not hurt them in the helmet. The sizes generally go from 3XS to S if it is a child for diameters of 48 to 53 cm depending on his age. The trick is to find the right match.


Several parameters lead to assert that a children’s motocross helmet meets the safety conditions required by practice, such as the presence of an anti-fog and anti-scratch screen. Your child must keep their hands on the handlebars at all times and if their sight is impaired it could cause a serious accident.

Before setting off, remember to check the tightness level of the micrometric buckle used to lock the helmet each time. In a price comparison there are many other locking systems for the latter, but according to many, it would be the safest.


The children’s motocross helmet is available in 3 very distinct models, namely the jet, the full version and the intermediate, the cross. The jet costs relatively less because it covers less parts of the head compared to the other two. We recommend it especially to those who just ride a motorbike. If you are in motocross, in a pinch, take a cross helmet, light, but safe and which surrounds the skull from front to back and on all sides. There is nothing more reassuring than a full model that protects the entire head from neck to chin. The small downside is that it weighs quite heavy. So you will have to pay attention to this detail when choosing the design of your helmet.

The key is that you succeed in reconciling comfort and safety. There are also helmets with visors, sober products and others more colorful. The one that you have judged to meet the safety requirements will also have to please your offspring. After all these tips on how to buy a better value for money kids’ motocross helmet, you won’t miss a thing when it comes time to get one.

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