Top 7 games to play with friends when you’re bored

You want to spend time with your friends, but you can’t find anything to do. Nothing like group games that require little or no equipment. We have searched for you the most popular, without forgetting to explain the rules of the game.

1. Celebrity

It is a game also called the HAT or Lunchbox game which is played as a team. Before forming the teams, each player writes names of famous people. A small piece of paper must contain a name and so on. Use a box or a hat to place all the papers. Each team formed must choose a member who will make the rest of the group guess the famous character drawn, then pass in turn to play.

The object of the game is to pick a celebrity name from the hat and have them guess it. Each correct answer is worth one point. You can organize the game under 3 different rounds with various rules, such as limiting the number of words or prohibiting speech, but only gestures. If the guessing member says the name of the celebrity by accident, they must draw another paper.

2. The game of 21

This game is quite simple, but you can add variations to it. The goal is to reach the number 21. All gather in a circle, the first player says “one” and chooses one of his neighbors who will have to say 2. So on, and if a player is wrong, he will have a pledge like drinking a sip of drink agreed by all.

The game is over once 21 is reached. Another variant, the first player starts with “one”, his left neighbor continues. And if someone is wrong, the game continues in the opposite direction. And finally, you can also choose to designate special numbers that will be associated with gestures. When the number is pronounced, the player must accompany it with this gesture.

3. The post-it game

As indicated by its name, you will need to play post-its. It is an individual game which consists, first of all, in writing on a post-it the name of a character. Everyone then places their post-it on their neighbor’s forehead. Everyone passes in front of everyone trying to guess the character on their forehead.

To do this, the player asks questions to which the remaining players answer yes or no in turn. If the answer is yes, he can continue asking questions. And if the answer is no, he must give way to his neighbor who will in turn have to ask questions about his character. Whoever gets to know the identity on his forehead wins.


The bad




Pictionary is a drawing game that you can buy or create. If you buy it, you will already have words ready to be used, otherwise create your own cards by writing various words on them: object, profession, animals or others. In both cases, you will need a board or a small slate, a marker and a cloth to erase. If there are none, take papers and a pencil.

Form, then, the teams that will compete in turn. The one who starts chooses a member who will make the rest guess the words drawn with only drawings. The goal is to find as many words as possible in a limited amount of time. When the time is up, it’s up to the other team to get started. The team that guesses the most words is the winner.

5. Laugh not laugh

This famous game is a must for guaranteed group laughter. The concept is very simple: make the neighbor laugh by all means. You can play freely or limit the game to subjects or characters registered in advance. For the latter case, you have to play the character.

But be aware that there are currently versions sold on the market. These games already contain jokes. All the first player has to do is read a joke and hope it’s funny enough to make the other laugh. You can spice up the game by using water. He who listens will have water in his mouth, which will overflow everywhere when he laughs.

6. Truth or Dare

Action or truth or Truth or death is one of the most played games between friends, because it helps to get to know each other better. The number of players is not limited. This game consists of answering a question or doing an action. You can choose to have players take turns passing, or spin a bottle to nominate the player.

In each case, a player must choose between truth or dare, and the person opposite him must ask the question or choose the action. For more simplicity on the search for questions and pledges, you can opt for an online game or an application. In order to vary the game, the action can be replaced by alcohol consumption, if all players are of legal age of course.

7. Board games and card games

There are several board games and one of them will surely please you, especially in groups. Among the funniest are Goose, Jungle Speed, Ludo, Backgammon, Falling Ten, Dominoes, Trivial Pursuit and Time’s Up. Card games are also in abundance, with some very exciting games.

We can count among these the 1000 terminals, the Uno, the Bataille, the Crapette, the 7 families or even the Liar. All of these games are sold in the market though much of it is available as an app to install on the phone, tablet or computer. You can, during the game, add some peppers as challenges for the loser.

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